For Your Well-Being

Note :These are questions what the people generally make formally or informally to the friends, relatives, specialists or the experienced ones and the answers given are also some sort of hear-say. I would welcome if they are attributed authentically. – Vinod K Gulati

Question No.1. How much difference does it make if I swing my arms when I walk?
Ans.: You’ll walk of 15% more calories if you swing your arms when you walk.

Question No.2. Should I take Policosanol for my high cholesterol?
Ans.: A recent study found no change in LDL Total or HDL Cholesterol among participants who took Policosanol. If you want to avoid static drugs, there are a number of other proven natural remedies. Like Red Rice Yeast and products containing plant sterols. They are known to lower Cholesterol

Question No.3. What are your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease if both your parents had it? Ans.: In one study, 22% of the adult children of couples with Alzheimer have had the disease themselves. In those off spring older than 70, almost 42% had Alzheimer’s.

Question No.4. Can eating nuts lower my blood pressure?
Ans.: Pistachios can. Just 1.5 oz, a handful per day to lower blood pressure and reduce the cardiac response to strikes.

Question No.5. Is there a supplement for age spots?
Ans.: Vitamin a has been shown to be effective in erasing age spots. Apply vitamin a cream to you age spots.

Question No.6. What are my chances of having a brain tumour?
Ans.: A new Dutch study revealed that one in 60 older adults had a benign brain tumour. Almost two of those in the study had bulging blood vessels, called aneurysms that can lead to a potentially serious store.

Question No.7. Can coffee benefit my heart?
Ans.: A recent study revealed that 2 to 3 cups of caffeinated drinks, including coffee, can cut the risk of dying from heart disease by at least 31% another study showed that coffee can lower your risk of colon cancer.

Question No.8. What supplement should I take for brittle nails?
Ans.: Try biotin, a member of the b-vitamin family. It has been shown to be effective at relieving brittle nails.

Question No.9. What are the best benefits of Folic Acid?
Ans.: Folic acid has been proven to protect against birth defects of the brain and spine. Yet many pregnant women don’t know about it. Studies show it also reduces the risk of many common cancers by 80%.

Question No.10. What has more fiber coffee or orange juice?
Ans.: Coffee has more fiber than orange juice.