For Your Well-Being

These are the questions what the people generally make formally or informally to the friends, relatives, specialists or the experienced ones and the answers given are also some sort of hear-say. I would welcome if they are added and/or attributed authentically. Further, none should rely on information provided here for health problems. Any questions regarding health should be addressed to own physician or other healthcare provider.

Question No.1: What are the little red bumps on the backs of my arms?
Ans.:That’s keratosis pilaris, a common harmless condition caused by a build-up of dead skin cells around hair follicles. regular use of a body scrub can rub out the problem within a couple of months.

Question No.2: Are the bright red spots on my chest, stomach and back cause for concern? Ans.:They’re called cherry spots. They tend to grow in number and size with age. But they’re harmless. rarely becoming larger than a pencil eraser. Your dermatologist can zap them if they bother you.

Question No.3: How cold should my refrigerator be?
Ans.: Use an appliance thermometer to keep your refrigerator temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Question No.4: Is there a natural remedy for acne?
Ans.: Many have found success with milk of magnesia. Apply it to the face nightly before going to bed. It’s certainly worth a try since it’so much cheaper than prescription meds for acne.

Question No.5:
How common is Alzheimerk’s disease?
Ans.: Alzheikmer’s disease is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

Question No.6: What’s the main ingredient in fast food?
Ans.: Corn. When you eat fast food, you’re eating corn. the cows are corn fed. So, there’s corn in the meat. The fries are cooked in corn oil. the bunns contain high-fructose corn syrup. The corn used to feed cows and make corn syrup is not edible. It’s almost pure starch, which contributes to America’s diabetes epidemic.

Question No.7:
Can soda increase my risk of diabetes?
Ans.: One soda per day will double your risk for acquiring type 2 diabetes.

Question No.8:
What happens to my body when i’m not getting enough sleep?
Ans.: Sleep loss can bring on junk. food cravings, as well as increased risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. mood swings and depression can also result from sleep deprivation.

Question No.9
: Does aromatherapy really work?
Ans. : Though it may appear to be quackery, there’s science behind it. After sniffing the essential oils of lavender or rosemary for 5 minutes, voluteers’ levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropped as much as 24%. cortisol raises blood pressure and suppresses the immune system.

Question No.10
: What burns more calories, running or jumping rope?
Ans.: Jumping rope burns as many calories as running. If you don’t want to go for your run because it’s raining, grab your jump rope.