For Your Well-Being

These are the questions which the people generally make formally or informally to the friends, relatives, specialists or the experienced ones and the answers given are also some sort of hear-say. I would welcome if they are added and/or attributed authentically. Further, none should rely on information provided here for health problems. Any questions regarding health should be addressed to own physician or other health-care provider.

Question No.1: Can staying up late have an affect on my mood?
Ans.: A Stanford University study reports that those who stay up after 1:00 am score higher on depression screenings than those who regularly hit the sack by 10:30 p.m.

Question No.2: What foods contain the highest plant sterols, to lower my cholesterol naturally?
Ans.: Corn oil comes in at number one, followed by sunflower oil, beans, corn, peanut butter, olive oil, almonds, and avocado.

Question No.3: What’s the best time to take my allergy remedy?
Ans.: Take it before bed time so it has chance to be circulating in your blood-stream when you wake up the next morning.

Question No.4: Are there any foods that will improve my insulin resistance?
Ans.: A German study revealed that those who ate 31 g of insoluble fibre per day had an 8% increase in insulin sensitivity that is what you get in three servings of high fibre cereal, or two servings of barley.

Question No.5: Why is lung cancer called leading cancer killer?
Ans.: Because it’s hard to diagnose in its early stages.

Question No.6: Can eating fish help my anxiety?
Ans.: Yes. After taking fish oil for 3 months, test subjects who took 600 mg of fish oil per day felt about half as stressed as before the study. Those who took a placebo felt more stressed.

Question No.7: How much exercise do I need to get fit?
Ans. : New research shows that women can improve their fitness and cardio-vascular health by adding just 10 minutes of moderately intense activity per day. After 6 months, participants’ oxygen intake increased and their waistlines got smaller.

Question No.8: Can eating fish cut my risk of dementia?
Ans.: A recent study from tufts university showed that eatin cold-water fatty fish does stave off dementia. Eating fish 3 times per week lowered dementia risk by 47%.

Question No.9: Does stress play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome?
Ans.: A large Swedish study revealed that those who felt their lives were spinning out of control were 56% more likely to develop chronic fatique syndrome than those who cope well with anxiety. This means that stress reducers like exercise and meditation could relieve and prevent cfs symptoms.

Question No.10: What can I do to cut back on portions?
Ans.: Start your lunch or dinner with a bowl of soup. You may eat 20% less food if you begin your meal with soup. Be aware that cream soups have more calories.