How to Be Friends Again with the Ex You Had to Dump

Suppose you ended a romantic relationship but still want to remain friends with the ex, there are a couple of things that you can do to make this possible without getting misinterpreted or adding insult to injury.

1. Mind your words

If your dating history is generally pleasant, the break-up proposal could come as a shock. On the other hand, if your relationship has gone rocky and sour, anything you say could be taken in a negative light. Unless you are both on the same page about ending your relationship, you have to be very careful with what you will say. Begin on what is great about him, and clearly explain why you two need to break-up. Still, if words have been said and it seems you have lost not just a boyfriend but a precious friend, too, do not lose heart. Time can still repair this. But what you do next is important.

2. Mind your timing

It is unfair to expect warmth, openness and friendship from the ex you dumped. But if this person really cares for you, keep in mind that platonic friendship will never be off the table. You will just have to wait.

3. Mind your space

No hounding, no bonding, no coffee dates, no jokes and no forced laughter can instantaneously make you become friends with the ex. Avoid seeing him for at least a couple of days. Let him dig up fond memories of your relationship together so that you can start your friendship without resentment on his end.

4. Presence of peace

To be friends with the ex, be a presence of peace. Keep in mind that ending the relationship was not an act of whim, but a mature decision that will benefit the both of you for the rest of your life. Do not entertain guilt in your mind; you are doing yourself and him a favor by being honest.

5. Less talk, less mistake

Just make sure he knows that his friendship matters a great deal to you. In as few words as possible (less talk, less mistake) you can make him understand that he could actually have a better relationship with you if you will transition from a romantic to a platonic partnership. If you are not pushy, demanding, and aggressive, and if he is a kind and selfless gentleman, he will get this; you can be friends with the ex.


How to Be Friends Again with the Ex You Had to Dump