Get Hot Body by Exercising in Weighted Vests

Get Hot Body by Exercising in Weighted Vests

Get Hot Body by Exercising in Weighted Vests : There are two types of exercisers – those who do it just to lose weight, and those who commit to putting their bodies in order. What distinguishes these two currents is the training itself. The first ones mainly rely on cardio exercise, while the second type focuses on losing weight as well as building muscle mass.

What makes the difference between a lean and handsome body is weight, i.e., resistance training. But many people, especially women, do not like to exercise this way. They are convinced that they won’t lose weight, but that they will pump the muscles and look fat. It’s a big misconception because it is precisely the increase in muscle mass that contributes to the more efficient fat burning, faster weight loss, and getting the body in shape.

Dumbbells and all kinds of weights are probably your first thoughts when talking about resistance training. The weighted vests are not an innovation, but have only recently become popular as exercise equipment. Their advantage is that you can move freely with them, as opposed to static training with a bar, dumbbell, and other fitness gear.

Turn Cardio to Resistance Exercise

Turn Cardio to Resistance Exercise
Turn Cardio to Resistance Exercise

Workout vests allow you to turn virtually any activity into a resistance exercise. The extra burden makes your body movements more effective without changing your shape. It is an ideal option if you are just starting with exercising or want to change the training routines from time to time.

Speed walking, biking, or Nordic running is a dynamic cardio workout. When you add weight to them and continue to exercise at the same pace, the effect will be many times better. Weighted vests elevate cardio to higher levels.

You have to start with a small weight, and as you get in shape, add extra weighted pads to your vest. The goal of adding weight is to stress muscles, ‘wake’ them up and make them work harder. The result of wearing the weighted vest will be visible after the first workout – your sweat will pour from you.

Boost Squats

Squats are targeted exercises that are useful for both genders. For men, squats and lunges are a great way to add muscle to the lower extremities. Depending on the method of performance, they hit specific muscle groups.

Adding weight in the form of a weighted vest distributes the load evenly, and allows for faster and better results. Wearing this accessory makes it slightly more challenging to perform the movement, but does not create additional strain on the spine and shoulders (as can be the case with a rod or kettlebell).

Wear Vest for Lifted Buttocks

Wear Vest for Lifted Buttocks
Wear Vest for Lifted Buttocks

Ladies know they can’t get sexy backs unless they persistently do a variety of squats. No exercise is as effective at lifting your buttocks and tightening your thighs. Only small changes in the position of the feet or the load distribution make the different muscle groups activated.

On the link below, check how variations of squats can help you tone and sculpt the lower body part:

Wearing a vest while doing squats and step-ups, creates additional resistance. That’s important when doing lifting from the squat to zero position. Then the gluteus muscles work harder, and more repetitions should intensify the exercise. Adjust the depth of the squat to the physical condition – beginners start with semi-squats.

Intensify Pushups

When performing pushups, it is not the arms that suffer the most strain, but your back, chest, and core. That is why the vest tightened to the body is an ideal way to intensify the execution of the push, without the weight actually impeding you from moving.

Don’t overweight your vest – since your chest and shoulders are already under load, adding more weight at once can lead to injury, muscle strain, and fatigue. Pushups are an exercise that has many variations, but start with basic movements and focus on form. After a while, when your muscles become stronger, you will expand your exercise range.

After some time of workouts with weights, you will be able to do the circuit training wearing the weighted vest. You can also wear this gear on warm-ups, when you are jogging and in fairly intense workouts, when working to improve physical performance, especially strength and speed.






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Get Hot Body by Exercising in Weighted Vests

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