Give Up Your Sorrows (Part Two)

Our needs in excess of our capacity create sorrows when they are not accomplished due to any reason and such a non-accomplishment continues to hunt us unless we accept the reasons of our failures honestly. To give up our sorrows, we need to sort out our needs according to their nature. This issue I had mentioned in my last post. Now I may proceed on further….

Next step to remove our sorrows is to reduce our needs. You might have seen that a mother can willingly sacrifice her desire for the chocolate when her child expresses the wish to have. She will immediately hand over the chocolate without caring for the fact that she is very much fond of the same. Similarly, a good student keen on a PhD gives up pleasures as well as the safe haven of the home life to venture into the difficult terrains. When you are inspired towards spiritual gains, you may give up your materialistic possessions to some extent. Once this is done, your sorrows may reduce. In other words, if someone has determined over some target, he/she does not care for other possession except achieving the targets fixed. If you do not focus, you may remain in the grip of your sorrows.

At times, you may be happy but that happiness very much depends upon your surroundings, your mentality and your intentions. The world is unpredictable. Here, changes take place very frequently and sometime, they are a mix of pairs of opposites. Your inner enrichment can reduce your dependence over the materialism. You may not care for your personal comforts as much you may care for others. If you continue to do so, one day the people may take care of your comforts, naturally. A spiritually evolved person needs little from the world to be happy but has the capacity to give more. When you sow a sapling of a tree, do you know if you will get the fruits in your life time? No, you can not ascertain it. It may or may not reap in your life time. But you do. Similarly, you may continue to take action sincerely, without much thinking of the results and if you do, your sorrows will come down drastically.

If you use one bedroom house in spite of having a palatial house at your disposal, if you pool in a car in spite of having a luxury car standing in the portico of you residence, this way non-enjoyment of the surplus comforts would put you above those who long for such comforts in spite of being not capable to afford. A less evolved person needs much more from the world. Ironically, he lacks the capacity to gain them. There is a huge gap between his resources and his expectations. It creates sorrows for him. If he wishes to reduce the sorrows, he must reduce the gap between his resources and expectations. Either he must enhance his resources or he should reduce his expectations up to ground realities before him.

You can reduce your sorrows by sharing them with others. For this, firstly you must share their sorrows at the time they are affected with. It is deeply reciprocal and you must consider that if you helped someone, you can deserve to be helped at the time of your emergency. If you have not done so, you should not seek any help. Try to sail out of your grief sea and if not possible, you may borrow the help to repay immediately as soon as you get able to do so. This you will have to remember. A person makes big promises to repay the loan when he requests for granting. But at the time of repayment, he does not have same sentiments. Though it is human psychology, you must keep your attitude grateful when you are going to repay the debts you took at the time of your need. This process will definitely reduce the impact of your sorrows.

Be Happy – Give Up Your Sorrows.