Good Things That Come Out of Bad Dates

Good Things That Come Out of Bad Dates
Good Things That Come Out of Bad Dates

“You have to kiss a few frogs before you meet Prince Charming,” I’m sure you’ve already heard this saying. If you’ve had a few bad dates and you feel deflated, you should certainly take a look at some good things about bad dates, which will help you boost your confidence. It’s extremely difficult to find your dream man on your first date, so never give up if you have unsuccessful dates. Here are a few good things that can come out of bad dates.

1. Witty fun stories

One of the best things about bad dates is that they can provide you with great stories to tell your friends. Feel free to tell your stories your coworkers and you will have your entire office at work laughing at how bad it was. Laughing will help you to feel better! The more tragic your date was, the juicier the story!

2. Practice

For many girls a first date can be quite daunting, scary and nerve wracking. Your dream man is sitting in front of you and you’re overwhelmed with excitement and completely unable to say the word. Another good thing about bad dates is that a bad date lets you practice your dating skills. After several bad dates and a little bit of practice you’ll start to relax and you’ll be much more confident and positive.

3. Friend

On your search to find a boyfriend you may accidently stumble upon a man with a shared passion and interests. Going on dates will definitely throw you into the path of new people, and if that nice guy is not suitable to date, he would make a perfect climbing partner! So before you forget him, think twice!

4. Fresh perspective

Well, you sign up to one of online dating websites and start to go on dates with a few new guys, but it turns out you spend those dates wishing you’re back with your ex or just tucked up in bed in your pajamas. One of the good things about bad dates is that it can bring fresh perspective on what you want and need from the relationship. Your new guy might be much better looking than your ex-boyfriend, but less fun to be with. These small things will help you reassess what you really want.

5. It gets you out of the house

The great thing about a bad date is that it gets you out of the house. Even if the evening was boring, you did something new and even different that will be far more useful and memorable than just watching another chick-flick. Rather than watching those TV shows, go out and meet someone!

6. Secret places

Okay, your date looks and behaves terrible and you know that he is not for you, but it’s not the reason to get disappointed. You still can have some fun. Your date might take you to a jaw-dropping location, or a secret restaurant, which is only known to locals. Find out all those secret places and take your friends there!

7. Knowledge

One of the best things about several bad dates is that when you eventually meet a nice guy you will not hesitate to try and make it really work. You will have some knowledge, and so when a wonderful date happens you might naturally come across as happy and enthusiastic and things will simply fall into place.

Dating is an incredibly fun journey that can introduce you to new guys and new places. It’s important that you don’t reflect on bad dates as failures. Learn from them and keep searching you dream man! Have you ever had a bad date? What are the good things about bad dates? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



Good Things That Come Out of Bad Dates