Hair Care Tips

Throughout the summer, the hair is subjected to the intense heat of the sun. Since hair varies in texture, style, and length, the health tips for hair also vary. Here are some helpful hair care tips for Autumn.

Some health tips for straight hair are:

1. Trim Regularly
Straight hair and especially long tresses have to deal with split ends more frequently. To avoid the damage at the ends, trim regularly. Find a good stylist who understands your hair type and keep a nicely trimmed cut. Regular hair trims are good for the health of your hair.


2. Apply essential oil and egg to your hair before washing.

Your hair and scalp needs plenty of oil and protein. This strengthens the hair follicles from the root. Oil can also have a cooling effect on your scalp. Heat trapped within the hair can cause the hair to get dry. Dryness can cause more damage to the hair. Raw egg can also be applied. This gives protein boost to the hair. Be sure you rinse well!


3. Handle your hair carefully

Straight wet hair should not be combed directly. This could cause you to pull out your hair from its roots.
Curls need special attention. The tips are:


1. Moisturize

Curly hair generally dries faster. Shampooing induces drying. Curly hair should be shampooed less often so as to allow natural oils to accumulate and keep the hair moist.


2. Condition

Breaking off occurs due to weak shafts of the hair. This is especially true for curly hair. Applying conditioner regularly is advised to maintain the health of curly locks.


3. Provide Proteins

A structural protein deficiency can cause holes in the hair follicles. Protein supplements and protein-rich food must be consumed to make the hair grow stronger internally.


4. Detangle with care
Try dampening your hair before your shower. This helps oil to seep into the pores and give strength to the scalp. Combing should be done properly – from ends to roots. Proper combing can help you avoid breakage.


Hair Care Tips