Have Compassion

The path of giving credit to other ones enables you to do good everyday to all including yourself. Whenever anything good happens, we may thank God for the help He provided. If someone favors us for any reason, we should not forget to thank him whether he has done it for any consideration or not. Our thanks would definitely bring more sweetness to his mind.

In terms of their nature, all human beings fall into three categories. Those who try to do good to others even if it means putting themselves into trouble are like God. They are like trees that gave shade even to those who are cutting them down. The God like people pray for the well-being of even those who torment them. They love the people and creatures from the core of their heart, and normally develop long lasting relationships. In spite of all the hatred from the other side, they say “I love You”, only – they do not return the same abusive words if on any opportunity they get them due to any reason. They are good to the society as industries do well for the health of an economy.

Next are those who do well to others only if it means it involves no loss or trouble to them but they desist from doing anything bad. Such persons are normal human being. They expect return over their investments in whatsoever terms they make. Their own interests are of prime concern, and attach secondary thoughts to other ones. You can call them as self centric without harming others.

And the last category is those who do not mind putting themselves into trouble or loss to harm others. They feel delight in seeing others in trouble. They are devils. It is not easy being a person like God. However, while we try to be at least normal human being, we can surely refrain from being devils.

An ignorant person works for their own profit, while a wise person works for common welfare, looking beyond his own concerns. We must strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world; by devotion to selfless work, one attains the supreme goal in life. We must not feel happy and satisfied only in our own success and growth but try to derive happiness in the advancement of everybody in the spirit of one family the world over.
There is a Japanese story which shows how even small creatures are selflessly engaged in the service of their fellow beings. In Japan, the walls of the houses are generally wooden and have hollow space. During renovation work in one of the houses, when the wall was being repaired, the owner noticed a lizard inside the hollow space, stuck to the wall. When he tried to make it move, it didn’t leave that place. He found that a nail hammered from outside had passed through one of its feet to the other end which didn’t allow it to move. He realised that the nail was driven when the wall was constructed few years back. So how could a lizard survive all these years without food? He stopped the work to study the amazing spectacle. To his bewilderment, another lizard was feeding this lizard. If a tiny lizard could feed another lizard for years without giving up hope, a man who is supposed to be endowed with best of senses should display greater empathy, compassion and love.

We may take some lesson from Sun and Moon and lead our lives like them. As the sun sustains everybody with its light and heat; so must a man by his actions. Moon gives us feel of peace. They have been performing their duties for long without any self-interest. Let our life bring light and warmth to others but while doing this we must remain in our limitations – be humble without allowing arrogance to take over.

Be Happy – Have Compassion with one and all without exercising any difference.