Have confidence in God

Nothing in this world can happen by accident. Someone has to be there to co-ordinate everything happening around us, good or had, since every action has a reason irrespective of its consequence on our life and our happiness.

The human body is a marvelous creation and everything works with clock-like precision. One day, something happens and the body becomes limp and comes to a standstill. We pronounce the man dead. If you dissect the body and figure what was there before and what has gone away, makes all the difference between life and death.

We have no explanation, since everything that is supposed to be inside the body is inside it even after death. We have no explanation for this phenomenon, we have no explanation for a power, which controls the events of this world, and God is a convenient term to address this cosmic force.

In no other profession you have the unique opportunity to take someone to the brink of death and bring him or her back to life. Many times we come across patients who have absolutely no chance to live, because of the condition they suffer from, and walking out of the hospital in less than seven days hale and hearty! Sometimes patients, who had a strong possibility of survival following the operation, do not make it. What is the reason for this outcome? Are we in command? No, certainly no. A surgeon, before he starts the operation, he prays to God and do the operation in His name. Success and failure are not because of him. It may be through him. When we take more responsibilities on our shoulders, we get more stressed. Instead, if we hand over all the responsibilities to Him and work in His name, we can do a wonderful job.