HBO Therapy: 10 Key Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Are you considering HBO therapy and wondering more about it? Read this article to learn the key hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits.

Key Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits

HBO Therapy: 10 Key Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits : There are approximately 1,200 hyperbaric oxygen therapy centers located throughout the United States. Originally, this therapy was used to help those recovering from diving injuries. It has lots of other applications, though.

If you struggle with respiratory issues, pain, or other health conditions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy might an effective option for you to consider.

Read on to learn 10 incredible hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits you can experience today.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

When receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a patient enters a pressurized tube and breathes pure oxygen. The air pressure in this tube (sometimes referred to as a chamber) is three times higher than the air pressure in a normal room.

This allows the lungs to take in more oxygen. It also helps to deliver additional oxygen to the body. This additional oxygen can help to fight off bacteria, while also stimulating growth factors and stem cells to promote faster healing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits

There are plenty of reasons to consider giving hyperbaric oxygen therapy a try. The following are some of the most significant ones you ought to keep in mind:

  1. Faster Healing

    One of the most popular uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to expedite the healing process. When the body is flooded with additional oxygen, areas of the body that don’t always get a lot of it are able to take in what they need.

    This helps to minimize inflammation and speed up the healing process. Coupled with the stimulation of additional stem cells and growth factors, this helps to give the tissues the nutrients they need to recover from all kinds of injuries.

  2. Combat Radiation Sickness

    Radiation treatments can cause a lot of damage. It can destroy sensitive cells beyond the point of recovery and may also weaken sensitive organs.

    In those dealing with radiation sickness, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be an effective tool. The high oxygen concentration helps to repair weakened and damaged areas of the body faster and in a much more effective way than other treatments.

  3. Reduce Arthritis Pain

    Those struggling with arthritis and severe joint pain might also want to experiment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This treatment is known to have significant anti-inflammatory benefits. By reducing this inflammation, it can help to minimize pain, as well as the other effects that can accompany a flare-up.

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy seems to be especially beneficial to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease. It helps with other autoimmune conditions, too, such as multiple sclerosis.

  4. Faster Recovery Time

    Because hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates growth factors and stem cell production, athletes often turn to it when they need to recover from an injury as soon as possible. Lots of professional athletes, including many NFL players, swear by the effects of hyperbaric oxygen chambers when it comes to healing their injuries and getting back in the game as quickly as they can.

  5. Better Skin Health

    Hyperbaric oxygen treatments can improve the health and appearance of one’s skin, too. It can improve skin elasticity and slow down the aging process.

    It does this by stimulating blood flow and delivering additional nutrients to the skin. This helps to combat wrinkles and fine lines and also minimizes the appearance of scars, age spots, and other imperfections.

  6. Treat Decompression Illness

    Remember, the original use for hyperbaric oxygen therapy was to help those struggling with decompression illness after scuba diving. We’d be remiss not to include it on this list, even though this is no longer its primary purpose.

    Decompression illness occurs when nitrogen bubbles form in the blood and tissues after a diver returns to the surface too quickly. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy combats this by removing gas and air bubbles, which can lead to arterial embolisms if they’re not addressed right away.

  7. Manage Anemia

    Some early research suggests that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be an effective tool for those who suffer from anemia. This is especially true when the treatment is applied early on in the patient’s healing journey.

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps to improve blood flow and delivers nutrients to anemic patients. Those who cannot accept blood transfusions for religious or medical reasons, in particular, can benefit from this treatment.

  8. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Management

    Hyperbaric oxygen treatments might also be an effective management tool for those who struggle with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. In conjunction with medications and other treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy appears to improve cognition. It also has a positive impact on other aspects of patients’ lives, including their sociability, sleep quality, physical independence, and memory.

  9. Burn Treatment

    Hyperbaric oxygen speeds up the healing of both internal and external tissues. With this in mind, many physicians have recommended it for burn victims.

    It appears to be effective when it comes to speeding up the healing process. It also minimizes infection rates and helps to lengthen patients’ lifespans after experiencing severe burns.

  10. Chronic Pain Relief

    If you suffer from chronic pain and other treatment options haven’t been effective, you might decide that it’s time to buy a home hyperbaric chamber. Remember, hyperbaric oxygen therapy does a great job of reducing inflammation. This, in turn, can help to minimize the pain you experience and will make it easier for you to move and go about your daily life.

    Spending some time in an at-home chamber could help you save money in the long-run. It also ensures that you always have a treatment option at the ready should a chronic pain flare-up occur.

Try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Today

As you can see, there are plenty of hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits you can enjoy if you decide to give this treatment a try. If you were on the fence about it, hopefully, this list of benefits has convinced you to rethink your stance.

Start looking for hyperbaric oxygen therapy centers near you today. Don’t forget to check out the other health and fitness related articles on our site as well. They’ll provide more insight to help you overcome any obstacles that are getting between you and your health goals.







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