How Do You Accelerate a Healthy Hair Growth Cycle?

How Do You Accelerate a Healthy Hair Growth Cycle? : Hair loss has many causes and treatments, but a healthy regrowth cycle is necessary for all of them. You can help build and encourage that cycle to get better results if you understand what your body needs and how to provide it. That allows you to get the most out of any hair loss treatment by reducing the time it takes to see results.

Hair Growth Supplements: Understanding Your Ingredient List

There is a long and growing list of active ingredients that work when you want to grow hair, but they all come down to a few key functions. What you want to do is to research the individual ingredients you see in a hair supplement to figure out what they are best suited to do. Using a wide variety of active ingredients that provide a range of vitamins and other compounds your body needs to produce hair means there is less of a chance you will be missing a key component.

  • Keratin and collagen are both important and can be applied topically
  • Antioxidants like vitamins C and E, as well as the B vitamin group
  • Key minerals like zinc and selenium
  • Amino acids that regulate hair growth like arginine

Often, these active ingredients will not appear as their chemical components on an ingredient list. This often happens when a producer uses natural ingredients that provide multiple active ingredients. For example, sunflower extract can be a source of selenium. Kelp provides keratin. Understanding which natural ingredients correspond to scientifically documented active ingredients is a big part of understanding your best choice for a hair supplement.

Dermatologist Formulated Hair Serum

Formulating a hair serum to cover all the ingredients needed for healthy hair growth is no simple task, and neither is researching a whole list of ingredients. That is where the experts can save you a lot of time. Dermatologists make healthy skin and hair their business, and they understand the big picture when it comes to maintaining the balance of compounds you need to accelerate a hair growth cycle.

Using a dermatologist-formulated over-the-counter hair serum for growth just makes sense, because it lets you know that someone with the knowledge to evaluate the formula rigorously had the opportunity to do so. Even in that group, though, each formula will emphasize slightly different nutrients that help hair growth, so it is always a good idea to cross-compare the targeted benefits of each to find the one that best suits your situation.

Maintain a Healthy Balance

Hair and skin health are related, so working on both at once can help you accelerate your hair growth cycle too. That means treating imbalances that cause issues like inflammation, skin discoloration, excessive oiliness, and dryness.

Over-the-counter solutions like azelaic acid for rosacea and conditioners that help your scalp increase keratin production are two examples of products you can use alongside regular daily skincare and hair supplements to help yourself balance your skin and hair health. Start looking at your options today so you can get the most out of the hair serum you choose.






How Do You Accelerate a Healthy Hair Growth Cycle?

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