How Fashion Brand GITI has Successfully Adapted to the Times to Stay Relevant

How Fashion Brand GITI has Successfully Adapted to the Times to Stay Relevant : GITI Online Inc. is a fashion brand that has grown from strength to strength since its conception in 2003. A small store opened its doors in Gainsville, Florida and has only gained momentum. This is down to many factors including the way they have evolved and adapted to the market and the ever-changing world we live in currently.

Here we hope to shed some light into how a small fashion brand has navigated the waters in tricky times by talking to Operations Manager for GITI, Christopher Chong.

What would you say has been GITI’s biggest success?

“The biggest success is starting from nothing and expanding to a team of over 30 employees and still growing. Also, our year over year growth especially during the pandemic has been phenomenal and we’re grateful for all loyal customers who come through week after week”.

That is certainly a huge achievement. A steady growth in one of the most unstable periods in the history of economy. Let’s start from the beginning to figure out their secret!

When and Why did you start the business?

“We opened a small retail branch in the Oaks Mall in Florida. The goal was to supply high fashionable wear at affordable prices to young adults in college towns.”

That still doesn’t quite explain how they have evolved with the times to get to where they are today. So how has GITI changed?

Can you describe any unique characteristics or attributes of yourself or company?

“We opened up from retail to wholesale as we saw growth in new entrepreneurs trying to start their own businesses. The major problem we saw from new businesses being set up was the supply of inventory. Manufacturers are forced to deliver high quantities of products at a time. The problem is that most new businesses aren’t able to buy the volume that many manufacturers require. We stepped in as the middle man and purchase them so that newer retailers are able to purchase smaller quantities allowing them to kickstart their business”.

GITI as a brand successfully predicted a gap in the market and capitalised on it. GITI could have stayed in their lane and held a very successful retail store at the mall and expanded down that avenue. But it is decisions like this that have kept them thriving in uncertain times. It’s not only this that makes them stand out, it’s the products they sell.

What makes your products different?

“We’re one of the biggest online retailers for plus-size fashion. We aim to supply more products for the plus sized shopper as we noticed a lot of customers were requesting these products.”

Another example of how GITI Online has successfully moved into a potential new opportunity.

GITI is unique in its ability to branch out and capitalise on gaps in the market. They successfully reached into wholesale from retailers and adapted their plus sized range to fit demand.

In recent times, they have once again steered themselves in the right direction focusing on e-commerce. (As we all know, e-commerce is booming due to the circumstances.

You can check GITI out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about via the links below: /






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How Fashion Brand GITI has Successfully Adapted to the Times to Stay Relevant

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