How is the Education in UAE for Women?

How is the Education in UAE for Women? : Statistics show women’s literacy rate in the UAE is 95.8%. The UAE education system provides equal opportunities to both genders. Students attend public schools for free. Some of their universities rank top 500 globally. The education system is built upon four key pillars. Civic studies, character/morality, individual and community, and cultural studies.

The government uses education as a tool for women empowerment. Due to this, girls’ enrolment rate is higher than boys’ by 15%. The focus on girls’ education in the UAE is enshrined in the MDG.

Women’s empowerment in UAE through equality education opportunities and literacy

In 1975, women in the UAE had a literacy rate of 38% and men 58%. The government launched new initiatives that changed the rate entirely. Today, 95.8% of girls enroll in schools, against 80% of boys. More females advance to secondary and university education than males. 58% of university students in STEM subjects are female. In the past, education was not given much attention in the UAE.

Extremely few girls joined schools, and only a handful completed university education. The country had few formal schools. The situation began to change in the 1960s and the 1970s. The government started implementing massive school-building programs. After the UAE was officially formed in 1971, women began to fight for their rights. Today, women’s rights in the UAE are recognized in the constitution. At the same time, women’s education was given a critical focus. Compared to other neighboring countries, education for girls in the UAE is highly developed.

The efforts of women’s empowerment in UAE bore fruit in the long run. 77% of female students join university annually. They do well in college education, especially in STEM subjects. Research forms part of university teaching in the UAE. Students get engaged in a lot of research assignments throughout their study period. Due to the number of tasks, students seek help with writing work from AssignmentBro UAE service. It is one of the top assignment help UAE that supports students in completing their work on time. They provide a vast number of free essay examples on their website.

How education opportunities have empowered women in the UAE

Many women in the UAE are scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and technologists. They rule the business world in the country. Many are employed in high-ranking government positions. The country’s Gender Balance Council has helped implement many women’s education initiatives. Girls in the country today access higher education for free in public universities.

The government signed the UN Convention initiative in 2004. Its purpose was to eliminate all forms of women’s discrimination. Since then, the country has hosted vast international women’s conferences. The government runs several women empowerment programs through education. Women have continually dominated higher education in the country.

Quality versus quantity for women’s education in the UAE

Education for both genders is free and compulsory for Emirati nationals. Government schools segregate males and females due to culture. Women in school are never told they cannot achieve their goals. They are allowed to explore their abilities to the maximum. The schools produce leading female scientists and engineers in the world. The government recognizes the importance of quality education for girls. It is crucial for women’s empowerment in the UAE.

The country’s curriculum meets international standards. It promotes peace and tolerance in the education system. Due to its standards, the country is a key choice for international students. Experts pinpoint the development of English language skills as a key challenge. Most teachers prefer to stick to traditional educational methods. The country has a low student-teacher rate which affects quality teaching. Despite 95.8% joining basic level education, only 77% graduate from university. This shows the dropout rate is high at 18.8%.


Emirati women have access to excellent educational opportunities. 95.8% join schools, and 77% advance to universities. The respect for women’s rights in the UAE has increased their education opportunities. The educated Emirati woman shines into the future. With government support, the future of education in the country remains bright. There is a need, however, to improve the teacher-student ratio. The government needs to break cultural barriers that hinder women’s success. Focus on women’s empowerment in the UAE is crucial to the success of education initiatives.




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How is the Education in UAE for Women?

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