How Medical Alert Devices can be a Lifeline for Aftercare

How Medical Alert Devices can be a Lifeline for Aftercare : Center for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC) clearly identifies heart conditions, especially stroke and heart attack, to be the leading cause of death among the seniors. They insist that most of these deaths are avoidable if only the individuals receive emergency help fast.

Often, the seniors face their vulnerable moments when they are alone. In this case, before a family member or a caregiver realizes what is happening, it’s too late. This is where medical alert devices such as wearable alert bands and alert smartphones are helpful. The gadgets are always with the senior, so if they need emergency assistance, all they need to do is send a signal to the monitoring team. These devices are able to monitor the medical situation of the elderly always and thus can be the lifeline that aftercare needs.

How the Alert Devices Work to Save Lives

These devices are designed to work in three simple steps:

  1. The senior presses the visible emergency button on the device to send a wireless signal to the monitoring center. This signal is to inform the monitoring unit that the senior needs urgent medical or emergency help.
  2. A member of the monitoring unit speaks to the senior to determine the kind of emergency service required. Since they have a brief history of the senior’s medical situation, they are able to establish the real problem fast.
  3. The monitoring unit coordinates emergency help. All the senior needs to do at this juncture is to wait for help to arrive. The help may come in form of the police, the EMTs, firefighters or a familiar face. Considering that the service provider has contact details of family members, friends, and neighbors or their clients, you can expect to get the notification when your senior needs emergency help.

Generally, these devices act as lifelines for aftercare by delivering these benefits:

  • Emergency assistance 24/7:

    These devices are monitored by a team of competent individuals every single minute. So, whenever the senior presses the emergency button, regardless of the time or location, the response team is able to facilitate the emergency help fast.

  • Health and safety monitors:

    These devices are not just meant to be pressed when there is an emergency problem. They can also be used to guarantee healthy and safe living conditions. For example, a majority of the devices come with features such as smoke detectors, fire detectors, wake-up calls, and heart rate monitors. In case there is an abnormality, then you get the notification.

  • Reliable help:

    This medical alert system has been used for years, thus reliable. They enjoy backup batteries and extensive warranties to work without fail.

  • Easy usage:

    The wearable and smartphone alert devices are built to be used easily. They are lightweight and thus portable. When help is needed, all the senior should do is press the emergency button.

GreatCall Medical Alert Devices
GreatCall Medical Alert Devices

Looking at these medical alert devices, it’s undisputed that they are built to save lives. They are supplied by GreatCall at discount prices and you can enjoy the GreatCall coupons at Additionally, the GreatCall devices come with extensive warranties and are monitored by an effective response team to guarantee the safety of your senior.



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How Medical Alert Devices can be a Lifeline for Aftercare

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