How MSc In Communications Can Help Your Career In Healthcare Industry

How MSc In Communications Can Help Your Career In Healthcare Industry : For every healthcare institution worldwide, ensuring proper patient care is not only about making accurate diagnoses and performing medical procedures to treat conditions. It involves much more.

Effective communication plays a crucial role in ensuring that every step of the health care process goes as smoothly as possible. Whether it is a group of healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors, or specialists discussing how to provide treatment to a patient, or a hospital sharing information with another medical facility, there is always a requirement for clear and concise communication. One wrong piece of information can have a devastating outcome as it could lead to poor medical decisions, ultimately impacting the patient’s wellbeing.

In the end, effective communication can only be the result of mutual understanding between the patient and the healthcare individuals. That is why many healthcare individuals go for a master’s degree in communication. It immensely improves how they interact with their patients and allows their healthcare career to reach new heights.

Today, in this article, we will share some communication issues at a healthcare facility and how an MSc in communication can help you handle these issues when they arise, allowing you to further your healthcare career. They are listed as follows:

Delayed Patient Test Results

This issue plagues every medical facility out there. Various hospitals identify that there are always delays in doctors getting patient test results on time. It hugely impacts patient safety and the way they get medical treatments. Also, ineffective handling of lab results leads to higher care costs, an increase in stay at the medical facility for the patient, and an increased litigation risk.

Holding a communications degree from UK will let you come up with solutions to solve this problem. To know more about how to get admission in UK universities you can hire best education consultants for higher education to get you there. For example, you can talk with the administration department and ask them to set up result-flagging on the EMR system or allow doctors to receive notifications via instant message. So, go ahead and look at an online degree program in the communication field that suits your needs and requirements. It will help you in tackling the issues presented while working at a healthcare facility.

Patient Emotional Issues

Understanding the emotional state of every patient is crucial in providing them with the best patient care possible. Sometimes healthcare individuals fail to understand what the patient is going through physically as well as mentally. It is especially true for the nursing department. The level of communication and understanding nurses have with their patients provides them with the ability to give them a deeper care level.

If you are a nurse, then an MSc in communications will help you immensely when dealing with your patients. The improved level of personal understanding will let you effectively tackle patients. You will have improved knowledge of their emotional and physical state.

Doctor To Doctor Communication Issues

Reaching the right doctor at the right time on the specific device is essential when providing proper care and ensuring safety. This issue arises due to inaccurate schedules and personnel information. It may be possible that critical messages regarding the patient may reach the wrong office or the wrong person. Such miscommunication can lead to the administration of inaccurate treatments or patient neglect.

A solution to such a problem is to set up an online staff directory or calenders that allow patient information to reach the accurate personnel and at the right time. As a communication degree holder, you can ensure that such changes see the light of day.

Untimely Shifts

Whenever a patient is at a hospital, he or she needs care for 24 hours. If left shorthanded, then there is a risk of patient neglect, impacting the medical institution’s legitimacy. When such an issue arises, the administration department manually calls off-duty doctors, which is a slow and ineffective process and wastes valuable time.

Furthermore, there is also a chance of overcrowding at the medical facility. When there are too many doctors, and nobody knows who has to fill which shift. It leads to a waste of time and underutilization of the workforce.

Through a degree in communications, you can always come up with ways to remedy this issue. For example, mass notification tools or shift times documentation will allow the medical facility to deal with shift management issues. Everything will be on the record, and the administration or shift in charge will know which doctors rejected or missed their and who filled in for him or her.


Enrolling yourself and completing an MSc will open up various doors in the healthcare industry, allowing you to take your career to the next level. Not only that, but you will also be able to play a part in solving issues such as improper patient handling or patient neglect.  It allows you to improve how healthcare individuals provide care to their patients. So, if you are looking to further your healthcare career, then doing an MSc in communications is the best option for you.







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How MSc In Communications Can Help Your Career In Healthcare Industry

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