How to Become a Surrogate: 6 Simple Steps to Follow

How to Become a Surrogate: 6 Simple Steps to Follow : Becoming a surrogate mother is a huge hassle in itself. The lady is expected to meet a number of requirements, is bound to attend all doctor appointments, continue to take medications, and also carry a baby for some other parents for nine long months.

Those still researching how to become a surrogate should be commended on their bravery. They are instrumental in realizing a couple’s dream of becoming parents and certainly understand what it means to them. Take prompt assistance from some well-known surrogacy clinic that will help you in every step of the way.

Here are certain steps that you need to follow to become a surrogate:

Decide if you can become a Surrogate without problems

The choice of being a gestational surrogate is tough, personally and also for other members of your family. You need to weigh in the basic pros and cons of surrogacy to determine whether you are the best fit for becoming a surrogate. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you healthy enough to be a surrogate mother? Surrogacy includes a plethora of medical risks along with the effort of embryo transfer.
  • Do you meet surrogate requirements as prescribed by government laws?
  • Are you keen to commit to the surrogacy process, almost a year or more of effort?
  • Do you have a support system to go through a difficult journey?
  • Do you want to help other people to become parents through surrogacy or motivated by compensation?

Ask these questions or the agency like one as the Oregon surrogacy, will ask you before you take the next step. The goal of the agency is to educate you about the entire process and its standard repercussions. The choice for surrogacy lies on you without obligation.

Comprehensive Screening Process

If you are keen to become a surrogate, you need to ensure that you are physically and emotionally balanced and committed to becoming a surrogate. As surrogate mothers, you need certain requirements based on ideal health and lifestyle requirements.

After meeting with the requirements, you can proceed with the next steps.

During the screening process, you would have to meet with physicians and psychologists to assess your self-disclosed medical history, inclusive of medical records, birth records derived from previous pregnancies, along with criminal background checks.

Your surrogacy specialist would ensure an extensive screening process that would check whether you can enter into this surrogacy journey or not.

Find Intended Parents

If you want to become a surrogate, you would be happy to serve the right intended parents for the baby. You could either choose the intended parents or the agency will choose them for you. Intended parents are mostly those who struggle for years to bear children of their own and then opt for surrogacy to achieve that dream.

Your surrogacy specialist will help you determine the right intended parents that will help you in the journey, be empathetic about your effort, and would compensate fairly for the same. For searching the right intended parents, you need to:

  • Create your profile as a surrogate mother.
  • Locate intended parents based on preferences.
  • Understand their background through the surrogacy specialist.

Even after the agency finds the intended parents for the surrogacy, the final approval is yours. After you finalize the intended parents, the agency will move on to the legal process. In cases, where you have already chosen the intended parents, you can straightaway move towards the legal process.

Draft a Robust Legal Contract

To protect both your interests as well as the interests of the intended parents, you need to have your own attorney to draft a legal contract based on surrogacy laws. A legal contract is necessary to keep the matter legally sound and ideal to address potential complications. Discuss the legal topics of surrogacy, compensation, risks, and your rights.

The intended parents’ attorney will also draft a binding contract in accordance with the mutual acceptance of both parties. Get your attorney to review the same. Once the legal part is sorted, you are now required to undergo the medical process of becoming a surrogate! A monthly allowance will be stipulated to help cover medical costs as mentioned in the contract.

Prepare for Hassle-free Embryo Transfer

Get ready for embryo transfer after the legal contract is signed. Embryo transfer requires the assistance of a fertility clinic, for screening and tracking your fertility. You would need to make embryo transfer from those intended parents.

The surrogacy agency will help you and the intended parents with the process determining the best clinic to use. Your travel and regular expenses will be borne by the intended parents as deemed in the contract.

After embryo transfer, your surrogacy will be confirmed through the pregnancy test. The baby’s heartbeat will ensure a steady flow of monthly payments and compensation along with prenatal care fee payments.

A Glorious Gift of Parenthood for those who need it

The intended parents usually are part of the surrogate’s pregnancy period and during birth. Address your questions to the surrogacy specialist, who could help you clarify about the birth event as well as serve as a mediator with the intended parents, as required. Whether you will continue to forge a relationship with intended parents, is up to you and them. It is essential to understand what it means to become a surrogate before becoming one.






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How to Become a Surrogate: 6 Simple Steps to Follow

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