How to Become a Yoga Teacher in 2023?

How to Become a Yoga Teacher in 2023? : The world has acknowledged Yoga as one of the most effective ways to maintain physical & mental wellness. However, if you’re a beginner, getting on the mat can be a bit daunting at first. That’s where a yoga teacher comes in.

A yoga teacher helps people do yoga correctly and get fit naturally. Unfortunately, there are only a few yoga teachers, but the demand is too high. Hence, the scope of becoming a yoga in 2023 is good.

But the question here is how to become a yoga teacher. You are not alone if this is your quest; many people are trying to enter this field.

Keep reading this article to become a successful yoga teacher, as it explains the process in-depth.

6-Steps to Become a Yoga Teacher

Here are the steps that show how to become a yoga teacher; follow these steps and start teaching yoga as a certified professional.

Get Enrolled in an Accredited Yoga Center

To become a certified yoga teacher, you need to join an accredited yoga institution. Before you start teaching others, you must have sound knowledge of yoga.

So, start finding the best yoga training center, which must be recognized by YCB (Yoga Certification Board). Also, if you plan on one-on-one yoga training from a professional, ensure that the instructor is certified by YCB.

Train Yourself

Once you join a YCB-certified yoga center, you have to choose between these options; the first one is education & training, and the second one is becoming a yoga therapist. The first option (education and training) is most relevant if you are willing to become a yoga teacher.

That’s not all; you’ll find different courses within the yoga education category. Each course aims to qualify that are as follows: –

  • Yoga Volunteer – It’s for everyone under 75 years of age and requires 36 hours of training.
  • Yoga Protocol Instructor – This certification requires 200 hours of training in three months, and YCB school needs an individual to finish class 10.
  • Yoga Wellness Instructor – You need 400 hours of training and must pass class 12 to qualify for this certification.
  • Yoga Teacher & Evaluator – YCB-certified institutions require you to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university and 800 hours of training over nine months.
  • Guru of Yoga – This certification requires 1600 hours of training, and the candidate must be graduated.

Note: Some YCB institutions accept candidates without specified qualifications. Contact the yoga institution for in-depth deets.

Get YCB Certification

To get certified by YCB, the candidate must sit in an examination. The exam for yoga volunteers is theoretical, while for other certifications, the exam includes both theoretical and practical portions. In order to qualify for these exams, you can prepare as per the syllabus defined by YCB.

Generally, the theoretical exam of all the above-listed certifications includes multiple-choice and objective-type questions. In comparison, the practice exam consists of demonstrating your yoga mastery, teaching skill, etc., which takes around 1 hour.

Begin Working as a Yoga Teacher

After qualifying for the exam, you’ll receive your respective certification and identity card. Once you get your certificate, you can start working as a yoga teacher. You can get associated with a yoga institute, fitness center, or hospital where yoga teachers are allowed to take classes. Also, you can start your yoga training center.

Get Your Yoga Training Center Accredited by YCB

If you plan on establishing your yoga training center, bear in mind that you must get it accredited by YCB. To obtain certification from YCB, you need to satisfy certain conditions, and with accreditation, you can also train yoga professionals.

Maintain Your Certification

All the yoga certifications issued by YCB have a validity of five years from the date the YCB declares results. You need to get your certificate renewed after that, and for this purpose, the board has a service known as Continuing Yoga Education Programme (CYEP).

Before renewing certification, this board asses the candidate’s performance during the certification period. The committee also requires candidates to participate in an orientation program to strengthen their skills as yoga professionals.

The CYEP lasts for two to three days, and you can choose how to participate in the program from these two: –

  • Attending two to three-day CYEP at a leading yoga institution.
  • Participating in a virtual CYEP, where one has to show the report of students trained and other supporting documents.

After you complete CYEP, the committee will decide if you’re eligible to get a lifelong certification or need to attend a second CYEP.


Many ask, “How to Become a Yoga Teacher in 2023?” However, only a few have exact knowledge about the topic. After considering the increasing demand for an article on this topic, experts have decided to curate this write-up that helps folks find their way to becoming yoga teachers in 2023. Hopefully, after going through this blog, all your doubts regarding the topic are clear.

All the best for your efforts in your career as a yoga teacher.




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How to Become a Yoga Teacher in 2023?

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