How To Boost Milk Production For New Moms? 7 Ideas To Help You Right Now

How To Boost Milk Production For New Moms? 7 Ideas To Help You Right Now : Giving birth and becoming a mother is already an exhaustive procedure. It is a beautiful experience, but a mother has a lot of hardships to still come her way, like breastfeeding.

After giving birth, a lot of new mothers suffer from a lack of milk production for breastfeeding. This becomes a problem because babies depend on breast milk for all their nutrition. And as a result, many mothers suffer mentally. But do not worry; we are here to help you. If you have been having a similar issue, make sure you read this article. We are here to give you seven ideas that will help you right now.

  1. Eat what helps

    New mothers often cannot produce much milk due to a lack of nutrition. If you cannot produce the right amount of milk for your little one, you are probably not eating right. Hence, we suggest you consult your doctor and incorporate things in your diet that will help, or try a superfood meal replacement shake made for breastfeeding mothers. Websites like help you find the right protein powder, shakes, and snacks that will help boost your milk production.

  2. Breastfeed more often

    One way to increase milk production is by feeding your baby more often. Don’t depend on just a few feedings when you’re not producing much. Instead, feed more often and let your baby feed until they feel like they want to stop. This is because the more your baby suckles your breasts, your hormones will naturally trigger your breasts to produce milk. If you do this for a while, there are high chances of progress.

  3. Make sure you breastfeed from both sides

    Similar to the last idea, the more your baby feeds, the chiggers the milk production is going to be. Feed your baby on one side until they stop, and then offer the second breast. They will most likely happily feed from the other as well. Feeding your baby from both sides helps in high milk production. Keep doing these for a few days to see results.

  4. Pump between feedings

    Mothers being unable to produce much breast milk are advised to pump their breasts between feedings. This helps in the production and flow of milk for when the next time your baby will feed. You can also try this if you feel your baby has stopped feeding, but there is milk left. Pumping it helps store the milk for your baby to have at another time.

  5. Relaxation techniques

    Stress is often why new mothers cannot produce the right amount of milk for their babies. It is very natural to be under stress after giving birth. And if you keep overthrowing your low supply of breast milk, it’s going to get worse. Instead, try relaxing massages on your breasts and try to relax yourself more before you feed your baby.

  6. Use Breast Compression

    Often, natural remedies do not help women produce more milk. In those circumstances, one can choose to wear breast compression. These might hurt a bit, but they help produce more milk and its heavy flow. You can buy one online and try it out, but consult your doctor first.

  7. Feed more at night

    New mothers struggling with producing breast milk are often recommended to feed more during the night than the day. This is because the prolactin levels in women are higher at night. Hence, there is a very high chance your baby will get more milk.


This is where we will end our article on seven ideas to help you produce more milk for breastfeeding. If you are having trouble producing milk, we hope our suggestions help. In case they don’t, we recommend you see your doctor and sort it out. But if our ideas helped you, let us know about it in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to improvise and give many more ideas in the future as well!



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How To Boost Milk Production For New Moms? 7 Ideas To Help You Right Now

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