How To Buy The Best Baby Food And Breast Milk Freezer Tray

How To Buy The Best Baby Food And Breast Milk Freezer Tray
How To Buy The Best Baby Food And Breast Milk Freezer Tray

How To Buy The Best Baby Food And Breast Milk Freezer Tray : Baby food and breast milk freezer trays are essential to store the baby essentials, without contamination. It is also easy to learn how to thaw frozen baby food, as it can seem tricky at first. Once you follow the guidelines by experts, you will find yourself easily adept at handling frozen baby food and breast milk.

You should remember not to freeze the food directly in any household container. Read ahead to know all about baby food and breast milk freezer trays.

Why Choose Baby Food and Breast Milk Freezer Trays?

The breast milk and baby food freezer trays have divided compartments, like regular ice trays, but with different material compositions. The baby food freezer trays are made from food-safe materials, which do not release any elements in the frozen food. You can store the food and milk in small portions and only defrost as per your need.

When using a freezer tray and taking out the food and milk cubes, you should remember to use gloves. Touching the food with hands may pose a risk of contamination. Also, food and milk can stay fresh and suitable for consumption only for a specific period. Make sure to use it all before the expiration.

Advantages of Using A Freezer Tray

While most of us can use the ice trays as a quick replacement of baby food freezer trays, this is not at all a healthy practice. The plastic component of the ice trays can be harmful to the baby. Here are some advantages that can propel you towards getting a freezer tray for your baby’s food requirements:

  • When placed one upon another, these trays take very little space in the freezer.
  • It helps you reduce food wastage as you can defrost only as much as you require.
  • The breast milk and baby food stored in trays can freeze and defrost faster than when frozen in any other utensil.
  • The trays are fully washable and reusable.
  • Once your baby has outgrown the need for these trays, they can be used for freezing ice and small portions of puree.

Buying A Baby Food and Breast Milk Freezer Tray

The market has plenty of options to choose from when you are looking for baby food trays. Apart from shape and color, there are many defining distinctions between them. Before buying baby food and breast milk freezer tray, you should check for the following features:

  • No plastic

    Plastic can harm the health of your baby, and so, go for products that are made from food-safe materials. They should also be BPA and phthalate-free.

  • Heatproof

    The quality build must sustain heat and warmth, as you can pour in hot milk in it. It should also be microwave safe and dishwasher safe for added utility and convenience.

  • Compartment size

    While this depends on your need, the compartment size should be according to your baby’s appetite. The food portion stored in one section must be fully utilized to avoid wastage.

  • Stackable

    Your freezer has to hold a lot of things, other than the food and milk trays. When they are stackable, they can simply be lined in one corner. This way, they take minimum space and can be fit even in a full storage area.

  • Lids

    Lids are an extra benefit over the trays. They ensure that no impurity can enter the food and milk in the freezer. They also make it easier to place the trays one upon the other, without touching the food.

  • Recyclable

    It is never too much to think about the environment and ecosystem. However, in this case, choosing a recyclable product has more advantages. When a product is totally recyclable, it is without any traces of plastic. Thus, the trays are baby-friendly.







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How To Buy The Best Baby Food And Breast Milk Freezer Tray

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