How to get and keep a friend with benefits

How to get and keep a friend with benefits : Relationships of all kinds tend to be complicated. Not everyone in our family is always pleasant, and even among friends, several things can happen that can make things a little weird, so it seems only natural that when you also throw sex into the relationship, everything starts getting weirder and can potentially become so complicated, that people often try to find alternatives to regular sentimental relationships.

As modern society evolves quicker than ever, many new concepts arise as to how we relate to each other, with some old practices as marriage being sometimes replaced with free unions or open relationships, and several other examples. This leads us to the topic here: friends with benefits. Friends with benefits are a very interesting and relatively new social contract that comes with several upsides and downsides. If you are interested in a very amusing alternative to regular sentimental relationships, you should continue reading:

  1. What are friends with benefits?

    To put it simple, friends with benefits are regular friends who acknowledge that they are attracted to each other and decide to have sex regularly without accepting all the limitations that usually come with a sexual relationship. As every kind of relationship, of course, it has some upsides and downsides.

    The main upsides are that, since this kind of relationship frequently arises from a previous friendship, you can skip the usually awkward phase of dating to get to know another person to decide if they are an appropriate sexual partner for you, because you already know each other. Also, of course, you get all the fun from a sexual relationship without having to commit to just one person.

    The main downside is, naturally, that is not infrequent that one of the parties involved starts to develop more deep feelings for the other person and tries to change the dynamics towards a more traditional relationship. While this could of course result in a very fulfilling serious relationship if everyone involved is up to it, the most frequent thing that happens is that the person who just wants to remain being friends with benefits feels like the person who now tries to be exclusive and have a more traditional relationship is betraying the initial social contract they established to become friends with benefits.

  2. How to get a friend with benefits

    There are two possible ways of getting a friend with benefits. Here, we will show you how to do it in each particular case.

    The first way to do it is to start a sexual relationship with someone you are already friends with. While this can be a little risky due to the fact that you could be trying to start a physical relationship with someone who only likes you as a friend, there are some obvious signs that you can look for to discover if you should go for it. If a friend of yours appears to like you, treats you differently or playfully suggests that you should kiss or things like that, you might have a real chance. And of course, the best –and possibly the only- way to know for sure, is to simply ask. You should probably avoid using the terms “friends with benefits” as it might sound a little rude, but if you offer one of your friends who seem to like you a kiss or any other physical encounter, you are on the right tracks.

    The second way is to try to do it with a stranger, you can find many pretty fun and open minded people online, like Fwbdr, one popular FWB discreet casual hookup app for singles & couples to enjoy adult NSA fun. It might surprise you, but there are many people out there who just want to have fun without serious commitments and it is only a matter of finding someone you like who likes you back and discussing the possibility of starting a sexual relationship without the commitment required for a sentimental relationship.

    Regardless of which case fits you the best, you should always talk things through and establish a social contract that makes it very clear what you are allowed to do and what you’re not, to avoid getting hurt or hurting the other person. If you do this, you will be on the right path to having a very interesting and fun relationship with someone you like.

  3. How to keep a friend with benefits

    There is practically only one rule to keep a friend with benefits once you have got one: Respect the social contract. While people who aren’t very fond of social contracts are the ones that initially pursue this type of relationship, the truth is that any relationship of any kind must have some limits and rules. Before you actually become friends with benefits with someone, you are going to need to establish if you can see other people, how casual the situation should be –you could literally just hangout when you find each other at a party or you could spend some time together on a regular basis- and how you feel about each other.

The moment you get jealous about your friend with benefits seeing other people when you decided it was allowed or you push too hard to become more serious when you decided it was supposed to be casual, is the minute you start losing your friend with benefits. You also need to remind that, no matter how close you were to a friend before you started having sex, it is very probable that after you decide to stop being friends with benefits, you friendship won’t be the same. It could be better or worse, but it probably won’t be the same.



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How to get and keep a friend with benefits

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