How to Get Back to the Gym After Summer Vacation

How to Get Back to the Gym After Summer Vacation : We’ve all been there: the unshakeable feeling of returning home from a fantastic vacation and readjusting to our now seemingly boring lives. Back to schedules, working hours, responsibilities, and obligations. On the physical side, many of us are far too familiar with the dreaded post vacation feeling of gluttony, excess, and most noticeably, bloat.

Don’t beat yourself up! Indulging over summer holidays are just as important for our health as maintaining strong fitness routines. What is important, is making sure that your summer holiday relaxation does not spill into forming new habits as soon as you are home.

Here are five easy ways to make sure you can get back to the gym after your vacation!

  1. Food Detox

    Half the battle of getting to the gym tends to be feeling well enough to get there in the first place. After indulging in vacation diets, the day after we return home can usually make us feel extra lethargic. To prepare yourself mentally to get back to the gym, start with some small steps to physically prep with your diet. The foods we eat directly contribute to how we feel, and more importantly, our energy levels.

    Before you tackle the gym, focus on eating nutrient dense, fresh, natural foods and drink at least 8 ounces of water. Avoid artificial processed snacks, starchy carbohydrates, and of course, alcohol. The physical difference you will feel from a day or two of maintaining a detoxifying diet will help you feel good enough to get ready to exercise. Never forget the vital connection between the two tenets (diet and exercise) of our health.

  2. Ease Your Way In

    Your first day back at the gym by no means has to be your most demanding work out. The most important part is to simply get your body moving as opposed to jumping back into an extremely high energy session. In fact, your first work out after several days or even weeks should bare in mind that you could risk injury if you attempt anything too taxing.

    You can designate the day for active recovery exercises with low impact and stress on your body. For example, walking at a steady low speed on a slightly inclined treadmill will still give you more than enough exercise to break a sweat without overexerting yourself.

    Similarly, take advantage of other amenities that can help your body reset. A short sauna session is great to sweat out the remnants of vacation or just finding a mat for active stretching or low impact core exercises is also great!.

  3. Get Outdoors

    Keeping in mind the benefits of easing into your work out routine, another great tactic can be moving your gym outdoors. Something about fresh air can also add an extra pep in you step when your motivation is low. Our brains are wired to crave new activities and experiences, which is why gym routines can go into hiatus if we get worn out of the same repetitive activity.

    Rather than taking your exercise to the gym, think about a walk or jog through a local spot that you love. This can also be a great opportunity to rediscover some beautiful neighborhood gems or explore a nearby hiking trail you have been meaning to try. Similarly, there tons of added benefits that come with exercising outside, like added incline, diverse terrain, or your daily dose of Vitamin D.

  4. Digitize your Work Out!

    Rekindle your motivation by getting techy with your work out. In this day and age, there are no shortage of devices or applications that can give your work out the extra push you need.  Statistics prove that members maintain motivation better when they can track raw data underlying their health and fitness output and gradual progress.

    Especially with using wearables, being able to tangibly see the number of calories burned or  miles run can be the best type of motivation to get you out of your rut. What’s more, your gym software can most likely synchronize with your wearable device, allowing you to keep an aggregated log of all your workouts.

  5. Mix it up: Try a New Class!

    One of the best ways to kickstart our routines can be to try something out of the mill from our standard routines. Don’t torture yourself with a monotonous machine or something you can’t get yourself excited to try. One of the best ways to mix things up is by trying a new engaging class either at your gym or a different studio.

    From aerial aerobics, to pole dancing, to spin classes turned techno rave, there are no shortage of exciting classes to break you out of your rut. As an added benefit, you could stumble into a class or style of fitness you would like to participate in regularly! Classes also add the social component of working out, which can be great for added motivation and incentive.



Getting back on track after your summer holiday does not need to be feared. Listen to your body and find the simplest formula that works for you to get out of vacation-mode!





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How to Get Back to the Gym After Summer Vacation

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