How To Get Inspired, Anytime & Anywhere

Curious how to call on inspiration anywhere, any time? Try these five tips:

  1. Don’t wait for the right moment.

Our biggest barrier to inspiration is waiting for it to come to us. We wait until it comes to get started. But that’s the opposite of how inspiration works. Flip it around and just get started. Inspiration comes not to those who wait, but to those who are willing to do the work. Start writing utter nonsense and, soon enough, the ideas will start flowing.

  1. But if it does come, don’t pass it up.

That being said, don’t waste inspiration when it’s coming. Jot yourself a quick note on a piece of paper or on your phone. My iPhone is filled with notes of half-baked ideas that came to me while jogging, wrapping up a client session, or in the midst of a passionate conversation. Write down just enough to jog your memory and respark that inspiration at a more convenient time.

  1. Write from your feelings, not your thoughts.

Theories and ideas are nice, but emotions come from a more primal, vulnerable place in us. Connect with your feelings and use what’s current for you in your writing. Instead of thinking about the best ways to build a business for a post, connect with the fear and isolation you felt while struggling to build your own. When you get in touch with those deeper emotions, the words just flow.

  1. Replenish the well.

Any relationship based on all give and no take seems doomed from the start. So don’t just hope to suck your inspiration engine dry without refueling every now and then. Fuel your mind. Have engaging, passionate conversations. Read fascinating books. Connect with nature. Put yourself in a place where inspiration can find you.

  1. Keep going.

Most people told me that the more I wrote, the less I’d have things to say. The exact opposite has been true. When you set in your mind that you need to come up with a new topic every day at 8am, you’ll program your creativity to get cranking from the get-go. Don’t call on creativity once-in-a-while; call on it all the time. If you’re regularly replenishing the well, then there should be an endless supply of inspiration. It’s like anything else; the more you do it, the better at it you’ll be.

Let’s face it — we all need a little creativity in our lives. Whether it’s negotiating a legal contract or writing a screenplay, the cleverest and most creative guy or gal is usually the one who succeeds.

We’re all creative creatures. Some of us have just flexed the inspiration muscle a little bit more than others. But, with a little strategy and some more practice, you can call on inspiration any time you want.

You can come up with ideas you’ve never imagined. You can do things you never thought possible.