How To Get Out Of Bad Relationship

How To Get Out Of Bad Relationship : Being stuck in a bad relationship is something often people don’t realize until they get out of it. The effects of bad relationship are not only mental, but they adversely affect your physical and psychological wellness also. All other aspects of your life, from family relationships to friendships, can be overrun by its adverse impacts. It can make your life miserable and will make you feel anxious or depressed all the time.

When people are in a bad relationship, they usually ignore all the signs as this is what human nature is all about. They don’t tend to abandon such relationships even it is destroying them as they don’t find the way or courage to leave it. If you are in such a situation, you may notice such signs, like signs of a boring relationship. If you want to live a happy and content life, you not only have to admit these signs but also work to get out of this bad relationship.

Ways to Get Out of Bad Relationship

This could be the most intense and hysterical situation of your life, but you have to face it to get rid of it. Healthy relationships encourage and support you, but the toxic relationship will discourage and make you feel worse. When you get rid of it, initially you may feel post-traumatic stress; however, by the time you will recover and start loving your life again.

Here are four practical ways which would be beneficial for you to take this decision and to overcome its aftermaths:

  1. Be honest to yourself

    This is the first aspect which may seem simple, but in actual it can be evasive. It can turn out to be a battle between your mind and your heart. Your heart may still want to continue with the relationship, but your mind will keep telling you the adverse effect of this relationship on your life. Therefore to make a better decision, your first need to be honest with yourself.

    The best approach is asking yourself if you are happy with the relationship, if the answer is no, then ask will you be more content without this relationship, if the answer is yes, then it’s time to quit it. If you still continue after this conversation with yourself, it will hurt you more; thus, you should never sacrifice your happiness for anyone.

  2. Don’t overthink, take the decision

    Around 40% of married couples divorce in the United States, according to a case study writing service. The biggest drawback of overthinking is that it will delay the decision-making process. The more you delay, the more noxious your life will get. Sometimes a fast decision is needed to resolve the issue. If you are stuck in the process of overthinking, it will make things more complicated rather than getting better.

    Another disadvantage of overthinking is that it will make you uncertain and doubtful even though you were confident about your decision. So instead of moving on, you spend so much time to consider all the possible outcomes again and again. Thus overthinking creates so much doubt that you are unable to go ahead with your decision.

  3. Know the difference between love & addiction

    Most people consider love and affection as same feelings, but they have significant differences between them. Affection is usually the initial phase of love, while love is an emotional and spiritual connection between two persons. On the other hand, affection is an interim situation or feeling when a person admires someone temporarily.

    To make a better decision about the future of your relationship, you need to understand this concept as at times it can become ambiguous. You may get delusions about love for your relationship, but in actual it’s far away from the real sense of love. You need to take a break and give yourself some time to look into all aspects of love and affection and then make a firm decision.

  4. Let it go

    Holding on to bad relationship doesn’t fix anything. Living in the past and recalling memories will not change your present. Similarly, just hoping that things will change may not make any difference. What you can do is, just accept the real situation and let it go. That’s how things will change. If it has not worked with all your efforts and emotions, then it’s time to separate your ways.

Some people may find it hard their relation to letting go and proceed for divorce. Although, by the time their wounds will get healed for breaking the stigma of divorce. You have to let go of what is hurting you, even if it seems practically impossible. If you are stuck in a bad relationship, you need to find the strength to get yourself out of it and let it go.




Liza Brooke is a Content Writer at CrowdWriter. She holds a master’s degree in psychology, in addition to a certification in human behavior. Liza also writes a weekly blog on a renowned website by various psychological issues about love relationships. In her leisure time, she likes to read historical books.






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