How To Help Your Body Break Down Fat Naturally And Burn Calories Faster

How To Help Your Body Break Down Fat Naturally And Burn Calories Faster : The greatest cause of weight gain is a body’s inability to break down fat and burn calories faster than you consume them. A slow metabolism leaves plenty of them left for storage, leading to you becoming heavier.

Several diet products on the market claim to speed up a user’s metabolic processes, helping them avoid the problem of stored fats and calories. Whether they work or not is a matter of personal opinion. Here are ways to tackle the problem naturally and naturally increase your metabolic rate.

Get a metabolic boost

Most people do not get enough vitamins from their regular diet, which can impair how well their metabolism works. Many turn to supplements to increase their vitamin intake. The supplements they most frequently use are consumed by oral ingestion, including tablets, capsules, liquids, powders, and chewables.

While these are efficient delivery mechanisms, they are not as efficient as IV treatments. The latter bypasses the digestive system, entering the bloodstream immediately and getting to work. IV vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte treatments can speed up your body’s metabolism without ingesting any artificial chemicals or harmful substances.

Consider Drip Hydration, Color, Event Scan, or Global 7 Diagnostics for Miami IV therapy without needing to leave the house. A friendly healthcare professional visits your home to administer an IV treatment of your choice. Some companies offer specific weight-loss IVs packed with fluids, vitamins, and amino acids that stimulate your metabolism.

Whether you choose oral supplements or IVs, they’re most effective when paired with other lifestyle changes, like improving your diet or exercising.

Get a metabolic boost
Get a metabolic boost


Doing physical activities is an ideal way to get your metabolic rate on the rise. Once you undertake exercise, the body starts burning fat and calories to give you the necessary energy.

Starting an exercise program does not mean you need to report to the gym for a punishing workout on the first day. Experts advise building up an exercise routine, starting with an activity like walking. A 20-minute walk four times a week will significantly increase how much fat and calories you burn. As you get fitter, start exercising for longer or introduce more strenuous activities, such as running or going to a gym.

Hundreds of apps allow you to track your daily exercise and determine how many calories you burned after a session. Keeping records of these routines and their results is an effective way of motivating yourself to keep exercising and push yourself harder. Studies have found a positive correlation between monitoring exercise routines and sustained weight loss.

We are what we eat

Some nutrients are metabolized more easily than others. Eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates is a leading cause of weight gain. Unfortunately, when your energy levels feel low, your body starts craving carbs to give it a boost. Carbs might provide that kickstart you crave, but it does not last for a sustained period and is followed by a low, where you start craving more carbs.

Proteins are more efficiently metabolized than carbs. They provide sustained energy and work their way through your body faster and with greater effect than carbohydrates. Eating proteins for breakfast is essential to give you the energy to get through your busy day.

We are what we eat
We are what we eat

Counting calories

Overloading your body with calories hinders its ability to metabolize what you eat. To stimulate your metabolism, you need to eat the correct number of calories. The best way to accomplish this is by counting the number of calories you consume each day. Once you start doing this, you may be surprised by how far you exceed your recommended calorie intake each day.

Approach calorie counting with caution as it could become an obsession that leads to eating disorders in some people. Do not rely on the internet to tell you how many calories to consume daily. Speak to a doctor or nutritionist who will help you find the correct balance for your body type and lifestyle needs.

Manage sleep and stress

Sleep is as important as exercise for maintaining optimal metabolic levels. While you are asleep, your body metabolizes food, recovers from the day’s activities, and prepares for the following day. Poor-quality sleep patterns can slow your metabolism down, increasing your production of insulin and cortisol, which promote fat storage. A minimum of seven hours of quality sleep is essential for a healthy metabolic rate.

When your body is placed under stress, it goes into the well-known fight or flight response. During this time, cortisol is pumped into the body, priming it for a reaction. Cortisol levels return to normal once the perceived threat passes. However, people who experience continuous stress have a constant presence of cortisol in their bloodstreams. As mentioned before, this can impair their metabolism and cause their bodies to retain fat stores.






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How To Help Your Body Break Down Fat Naturally And Burn Calories Faster

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