How to make delicious offset smoker recipes for your next BBQ

How to make delicious offset smoker recipes for your next BBQ : Making your get together more tender, you can obviously use an offset smoker. Going with an offset smoker in such an event is definitely the right decision. An offset smoker will take your party to a new height. It will allow you to make your food delicious, tender and juicy.

You can try different offset smoker recipes to make the dinner aromatic. This is the thing most people think about. They think they can only cook meat or chicken on an offset smoker. In fact, it has no reality. You can cook anything you want to make smoky or juicy. There are more than one offset smoker recipes that can be tried in your backyard.

Let’s take a look at these recipes and try to make something different on our offset smoker.

Smoked brisket

So, you are going to heat up your smoker by cooking a smoked brisket on it. Well! Smoking a brisket is gonna be a little bit challenging if you are doing it for the first time. But, no need to worry my friend when BBQ Smoker Pro is here to help you out of this challenge. If you get a grip on smoked brisket, it will be one of the best offset smoker recipes.

Let’s have a look at how we can cook smoked brisket.

First, find a fine brisket from the market. You can get it from any super or grocery store but finding it in a butcher shop will be good. Butchers have the fresh briskets in their shops as compared to the super stores.

After you get a brisket, the second step is to trim it. You can trim it from the butcher or can trim it at home by yourself.

After trimming, it’s time to marinate it with the natural rubs. You can apply a market base rub or a homemade rub, the choice is yours.

You can go with the simplest rub of salt, pepper and olive oil. After applying this, leave it for an hour or two.

After leaving it for some time, place it in a preheated smoker for cooking. After a few hours you will have a great smoky, tender and juicy brisket.

No doubt, you are going to taste a royal dish at your home.

Smoked lamb shoulder

Most people did not know about smoked lamb. That’s why they did not even try it on an offset smoker. But believe me it is an outstanding recipe for an offset smoker. An offset smoker turned a boring lamb shoulder into a smoky, juicy and tender meat. You will keep licking your fingers when you eat this.

On the other hand, smoked lamb does not get as much love as brisket or ribs. But that’s not justice with lamb. It will also taste great when it is thrown to an offset smoker.

Let’s move towards the recipe.

  • First of all, try to take a good lamb shoulder from the market. You can get it fresh from a butcher shop. It will give you better results than the lamb from a grocery store.
  • Now you will need some herbs for making a rub. You can use Italian herbs, salt, pepper or anything you want to add a taste of.
  • Next thing you will need is a binding agent. For this purpose, you can use olive oil or any oil instead of olive. You can either use some drops of water to stick the rub on the skin of the lamb.
  • Now use your hands and let them do magic. Spread the rub all over the lamb and also inside the skin.
  • At this stage, you can use injections to enrich the inner side of the lamb. But if you spread it well, there is no need for injections.
  • Put the marinated lamb into a preheated smoker.

When you remove the lamb from the smoker after some hours, you will see a masterpiece in front of your eyes. Your mouth will fill with water. Now, you can eat the smoked lamb with your favorite sausage.

Smoked tri-tip

Smoked tri-tip is another masterpiece of offset smoker recipes. You will never ignore it once you try it on your offset smoker. Let’s take a step towards the recipe of smoked tri-tip.

  • Get a clean and trimmed tri-tip from the market. If your tri-tip is not trimmed, you have to do 15-20 minutes more hard work.
  • If there is a cap of fat on it, you can remove it as the rub has to spread all over the tri-tip.
  • Try to remove every silver layer from the cut.
  • Apply the rub evenly all over the tri-tip.
  • Place it inside the preheated smoker.
  • Wait for the final result.


These are the only three offset smoker recipes from the bulk of recipes. You can even try desserts on an offset smoker. You will never get disappointed from the smoker even when you are going to cook vegetables on it. If you want to learn more about it you can visit BBQ Smoker Pro.





How to make delicious offset smoker recipes for your next BBQ

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