How To Make Kids Love Reading

How To Make Kids Love Reading : Reading is a wonderful activity. Not only does it help children to develop crucial skills, it also allows them to travel to amazing places in their imagination. When reading, children can learn more about the world around them and meet characters they might never encounter in real life.

Here are 8 tips to help your child become a lifelong reader.

  1. Read Aloud To Them

    Reading aloud is an extremely valuable social and educational opportunity. When reading aloud, try to read with enthusiasm and expression, to help bring the story to life and engage your children, is an online app where you can read storybooks about social-emotional learning (SEL). Reading aloud also helps to expose children to more advanced vocabulary, which is particularly useful for extending their language development skills.

  2. Be A Reading Role Model

    If you want your child to read, then you need to model good reading skills to them first. In order to foster a love of reading, let children see you reading. It’s also important that they see you reading a range of different texts, from novels, to magazines and newspapers. Talk to your children about what you’re reading as they get older, to share your passion and encourage them to want to read themselves.

  3. Create Reading Nooks In Your Home

    Children love to create hideouts and forts, so why not create a special nook in your house dedicated to reading? It can be as simple as draping a blanket across two chairs and filling the space with some pillows and books. Alternatively, create a themed nook. Talk to your child about what they would like the theme to be, and together, create a space they want to spend time reading in.

  4. Weekly Family Reading Time

    Create some designated family reading time and protect it. Just as you would schedule a class or club, schedule some family reading time and allow the family to spend half an hour to an hour simply sitting and reading together.

    “Taking the time away from technology and engaging in a shared activity can be a big encouragement for more reluctant readers. Talk about and share your books and the characters in them at the end of the hour, to encourage a passion for reading to develop in your children,” says Janette Wade, a writer at Best essay writing services according to Californianewstimes.

  5. Visit A Library

    Libraries are fantastic places for discovering new books and authors. If you’re not sure what to suggest for your child, talk to the librarian. Also allow your child to simply explore the books and to choose whichever ones they would like to read. Get a library card for them and allow them to “shop” for as many different books as they’d like.

  6. Listen To Audio Books

    Audio books are great for helping children learn how to read with more expression and fluency, as well as improving comprehension skills. They also make books and stories more accessible, particularly for reluctant readers. You can listen to audio books in the car or whilst you’re doing chores together. You can also borrow audio books from libraries or subscribe to a listening app.

  7. Let Children Choose Their Own Books

    Allow your child to choose their own books and to read whatever they like. You can guide them and make suggestions, but ultimately allowing them to read whichever genre they want can be very empowering and will help them to develop a love of reading.

    Don’t try to force your child to read the books you enjoyed as child. Instead, encourage them to choose books that appeal to their specific tastes. Equally, don’t limit their reading to just books. Allow them to read a range of formats, including magazines, comic books and graphic novels.

  8. Use Books As Rewards

    Parents will often reward positive behavior or achievements, so why not use a book as a reward? This will help create positive associations with reading for children. Moreover, it will encourage them to see books and reading as a real treat.


In order to foster a love of reading in your children, make sure that you model positive reading habits yourself. Create opportunities for children to read throughout the week, both independently and with you. By making reading a special time, you can help your child to truly develop a lifelong passion for reading.






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How To Make Kids Love Reading

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