How To Make Money From Selling Your Old TextBooks

How To Make Money From Selling Your Old TextBooks : We are all aware of how textbooks can be costly. So if you get the chance to make money off your old books, take our advice: don’t waste that opportunity!

Selling textbooks is way easier now compared to many years ago. However, you need to hurry about it. That’s because the sooner you sell your old books, the better the profit you make. The reason is quite simple: textbooks get outdated quickly.

So you have to sell the books while it’s relevant now. Of course, this is not to say you can sell outdated textbooks. It can be challenging to make sales if you don’t know how to proceed. We’ll show you how to make money selling your old books in this guide. Let’s get into it.

4 Essential Tips To Sell Your Old Textbooks

  1. Check Your Textbook’s Edition Before You Sell

    It’s essential to check your textbook’s edition, regardless of how old it is. And that’s because the edition of your books determines how much you get. Outdated textbooks can fetch you some dollars, but the edition should be the focus. It’s the price tag.

  2. Compare Bookselling Sites To Get Fair Prices

    There’s a high possibility that the book’s valuation will be different across several bookselling websites. Also, each site comes with its pros and cons, so take time to analyze them before you make a final decision.

    When you start your research in choosing places to sell used books, select places that fit your book type. For example, some bookselling sites don’t sell academic books, so selling on such sites is a waste of time. And you won’t get any meaningful income.

    You also need to determine the best time to sell your old textbooks. There are peak seasons when your sales will increase.

  3. Consider Postage And Packaging Costs

    As you’re probably aware, postage can be costly. That means when you sell on sites such as Amazon and eBay and make little profit, all your income will go into postage costs. Thus, earning very little or nothing.

    However, some bookselling sites such as and take care of your shipping costs. So you need to do your research and find websites that offer free shipping. However, some sites may offer free shipping, but you end up making small sales.

    So you need to strike a balance and find the best place to sell your old textbooks.

  4. Take A Picture Of Your Textbooks Before Sending Them

    Before you get paid for your books, the company will have to evaluate them to see if they’re in good condition. Now, your textbooks may be in good condition, but transportation can sometimes damage them.

    So it’s essential to take pictures of your books before you send them. You should also package your textbook well to avoid or minimize the damage. The images will serve as evidence should any problems arise.

3 Ways To Sell Your Textbooks

  1. Sell Your Textbooks At College Bookstores

    Most college bookstores buy back used textbooks, mainly if professors use the same books again next semester. Usually, when you sell your books to college bookstores, they pay you up-front in a few minutes.

    If it’s convenient for you, then go for it. However, when you decide to sell textbooks at a bookstore, don’t expect any profit. College bookstores also want to make money reselling books they purchase from you.

    If you want to establish a side bookselling business, selling at bookstores may not be an ideal choice.

  2. Sell Your Old Textbooks Online

    Nowadays, most students buy textbooks online to save money. You can use online sites to reach more customers and sell your textbooks. The advantage to selling your books online is that you get to compare buyback prices and choose the best one that suits you.

    Also, it’s easy to sell online. All you have to do is enter your textbook’s ISBN, wait for them to sell, and get your profits. The downside is that you may have to take care of the shipping costs. Fortunately, as said earlier, some bookselling sites offer free shipping.

    Furthermore, if you make good sales, the shipping cost may not affect your profit. Some of the best sites to sell your old textbooks are:

    • Amazon
    • eBay
  3. Sell Your Textbooks Directly To Students

    If you can get in touch with your underclassmen, you can sell your old textbooks to them. This method is quite effective and profitable as you eliminate the middleman. However, finding buyers can be difficult.

    Furthermore, some students might not feel comfortable buying books from you. There’s also the chance the students can stop the class, and when that happens, they may ask for their money back. Of course, you don’t have to give their money back, but that can lead to an awkward conversation.


If you want to be effective in selling your old textbooks, use the tips presented in this guide. Remember to keep your books in good condition, and keep on the lookout for peak dates when your books are in high demand. That can increase your profit.






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How To Make Money From Selling Your Old TextBooks

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