How to Restore Data Lost due to System Failure

How to Restore Data Lost due to System Failure

How to Restore Data Lost due to System Failure : System failure can happen anytime with anyone. And the worst thing we face during this is we lost all our important data and it really charges a lot to recover formatted partition.

But what if you get a free tool to recover all your files like audios, image, videos, documentation format, etc.? Yes I will surely share that tool and will also share the simple guide to restore lost partition.

Before starting the guide let’s have a look what all we do due to which this problem occurs. These are the few common mistakes we all do. It can decrease the risk of system crashing. Still, if it happens here we have a lost partition recovery tool which is free of cost.

Let’s begin with our mistakes

  1. Low disc space: If you have less than 10 gig space left on your drive, delete unwanted files or move them to an external drive. You can also delete the temporary files created by the system. But I would recommend to free up some space is a better option.
  2. RAM Storage is full: This happens due to the installation of heavy software. Sometimes we run multiple software at a time. To avoid this always open the required software and install the software as per your RAM. Heavy software takes more space and less RAM can cause a system failure.
  3. Virus Attacks: If you are online, always protecting your system by using anti-virus and don’t download files which can damage your system. Avoid using those sites which forces you to download app or extension.
  4. Mishandling of Device: Don’t use your laptop to keep food. Keep liquid items away. If it falls can damage your PC or laptop. Handle with care.
  5. Sudden power failures: Keep your laptop charged in case of sudden power breakdown you will not lose any data. And in case of PC always save the file at some location or use online worksheets, docs, etc.
  6. Preinstalled services or plugins are disabled: There are some programs which support your OS and are by default installed in your system. So never disable preinstalled services.

Now you are aware of some of the major factors due to which your system gets crashed. But there are some more reasons which are not in your control such as theft, accidental damage, etc. so, in that case, I will recommend you to keep backup of your files in your hard drive.

I will be sharing multiple ways by which you can recover your data and guess what it’s free and time-consuming.

How formatted partition data recovery can be done:

1. Use Recoverit Data Recovery Data Software

  1. Download & Install Recoverit Data Recovery Software in your computer
  2. Click the lost partition’s drive location and then press on the “start” button.
  3. Scanning will be done by the software to recover all your lost partition
  4. Now after deep scanning,you can Preview the files recovered such as images, videos, audios, documents, etc. and pick the files you need to recover and press the ‘recover’ button.

2. Maybe it’s there in your system

When we delete photos from our system it gets stores in Windows Recycle Bin or Mac’s Trash. This is the simplest way to retrieve your data.

Open Recycle Bin/Trash> Select Files>Right-Click>Restore

3. Recover from your backup

Always keep the backup of your files in an external hard disc or in the memory card. This is the easiest way to recover your data. Simply connect it with your system and recover all your lost data.

Note: Whenever you connect any external device with your PC or laptop be sure there is no virus. Neither in the system nor in the external device. If found do not connect otherwise. The external storage device may also get crashed.

After this guide, we would like to recommend you some tips. These tips will help you in decreasing the risk of losing data and also help you in easy recovering.

Tips or Precautions to avoid losing data during system failure

  1. Never connect your device physically with external devices like pen drive, memory card, hard disc, etc. They may consist of virus.
  2. If you are facing any issue related to virus install anti-virus.
  3. Always keep a backup of all your files.
  4. Do not open suspicious emails. It may consist of virus which can harm your system.
  5. Keep checking the health of your hard drive because sometimes we keep all our backup in our hard drive but hard drives also get crashed. So keep checking your external storage devices too.


We hope through this we have reached to your concern. To avoid system failure follow the tips shared and still if you face any issue don’t get panic recover your data instantly and conveniently by using Recoverit Tool.






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How to Restore Data Lost due to System Failure

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