How To Revive Your Perception

Perception plays an important role for restoration of confidence. It is, therefore,necessary to revive the perception to optimism. You know that for revival of perception, you need to think by using the words available in your vocabulary. In this process, you will have to be very much selective and use only those words which have optimistic tone only, nothing else – no fear, no confusion but transparency only coming out of your heart and soul. If such words are chained in some melody or phrases, that would transform your thinking process leading you to the maximum optimism.

You may keep in mind when you use word-phrases and melodies to revive your perception to deliver the optimistic results:

  1. Consciously or unconsciously, we tend to recognize in melodic structure the essence of heart feeling. You must guide your feelings, then, in a positive direction by singing sweet melodies like, “My Lord! I am yours; You may become mine” or“As you love yourself; teach you how to love others”.
  2. You may support your chanting with rhythms to stimulate and strengthen your determination to go deeper in meditation.
  3. You must select only those rhythms with pleasant musical support. The melancholic tones would defeat your purpose.
  4. As attention to positive music, or chanting, draws to a conclusion easily, the words and music move from being an external experience to an internal one; there is a dynamic stillness that can be tangibly felt. At this crucial moment, you need to take the opportunity to use the vibration set up by the chanting and dive deep into meditation.
  5. Then, you should sit silently for as long as you can do so with joy and optimism.