How To Save When Using A Biluthyrning (Car Rental) To See Sweden

How To Save When Using A Biluthyrning : Sweden is not the most budget-friendly destination. If one can be forthright, it’s downright expensive. There’s just no getting around it. But for the clever traveler, you can find ways to curb the cost while working your way throughout the country.

Budgeting takes some effort (and willpower), not to mention some fancy footwork when it comes to finding billig biluthyrning (cheap car rental). Driving, though, is a must since viewing the majesty of Sweden is best done by way of a road trip. That allows flexibility and convenience is seeing everything on your schedule.

Needless to say, that roadway excursion might have to be your one indulgence. In exchange, you might have to cut corners by not enjoying fine restaurant dining, but it will still be possible to learn about and try the local cuisine just on a different level, perhaps in a cafe or maybe with a street vendor.

Nevertheless, people worldwide prefer to make the necessary sacrifices to see the wondrous sights that Sweden has to offer and to do so when and how they want with a rental car instead of following a rigid schedule with public transport or a prescheduled tourism planned itinerary.

Let’s check out a few methods for saving a couple of dollars while on the go in the Swedish countryside.

How To Save Money When Road Tripping Through Sweden

People worldwide take great strides to travel to Sweden despite the expense associated with the country. It’s understood when making the trip that there will need to be sacrifices. It’s not necessarily a destination where a visitor can enjoy fancy restaurants, fancy clubs, or even nightcaps at the bar.

The one indulgence might be the luxury of a rental car so you can see the beauty that Sweden has to offer on your own terms, but there are even ways to budget with that if you play your cards right.

Let’s look at all the different ways you can save on your trip . . . without sacrificing a good time. That’s the one thing you need to go all-in on – without that, the holiday is hardly worth it.

Book ahead of schedule

Generally, when you call far enough ahead of when you’re planning the holiday, the rental car will be readily available, and there will be either discounts or promotions of which to take advantage.

The suggestion is to try to call roughly five weeks before you plan to leave. You can get the precise car you want for the dates you prefer with a decent price range. And usually, most reputable agencies will allow a cancel and reschedule if prices drop within that time frame, so you don’t miss out on the lower rates.

If a road trip is not something you see for yourself, it’s still to your benefit to book with the central train or bus stations far enough in advance, roughly four weeks, to warrant at least 50% off.

A MetroCard

Each area of Sweden provides its own public transport operator. The transport cards are good with subways, buses, boats, and trams. The prices in each region are variable, so it’s essential to check when you reach a particular destination, but the cards are sincerely a money saver. The suggestion is to combine these with tourist cards.

The tourism pass allows access to transport plus free entrance into nearly all attractions, museums, and tourist sights. One card will save an incredible amount depending on the time you spend visiting the local hot spots.

Transport and metro cards are ideal if you don’t want to travel freely. Many people enjoy the idea of renting a car. There’s a sense of independence to go as you please when you want, even straying from the traditional to the off-the-beaten-path where you can fully experience the culture and indulge in the country’s history.

Reusable water bottles

You can indulge in the tap water in Scandinavia and specifically in Sweden since all of it is even cleaner than you’ll find with bottled water. That can save travelers considerable money from buying at the local store if you bring a reusable bottle to fill up at the tap for the day’s ration.

Reuse is also much better for the environment than purchasing plastic bottles and tossing them in the garbage bin.

Enjoy beer as your drink of choice

Sweden puts a hefty price tag on alcohol since the substance comes heavily taxed. Beer, on the other hand, is relatively affordable. By consuming only beer while in the country, you can save a considerable amount when frequenting the local establishments with the suggestion that “hostels” offer the most budget-friendly prices so you can save further.

If you don’t enjoy beer but instead prefer your cocktails, you’ll need to limit your time spent out to just a few occasions so you don’t wallow all your money on one extravagance but can still enjoy the many other things there are to do while on holiday. You might want to sneak in at least one restaurant meal.

Avoid fine dining choosing cafes or food vendors to experience the cuisine

Eating in restaurants in Sweden is exceptionally costly, especially those considered fine dining or “sit-down” establishments. For those who can’t cook, some outside vendors provide local cuisine with relatively affordable price points.

You can also try the cafes for coffee or lunch, which boasts as the best time of the day for visitors to afford to eat out.

The suggestion is that restaurants, especially buffets, are prevalent and offer the best deals. Some of these not only tourists take advantage of but the locals as well who enjoy what compares to a home-cooked meal.

If you’re staying in an Airbnb that offers cooking stations, you can check the local flyer to see what might be on sale and take advantage of local recipes to create popular cuisine.

It’s not often that people want to “work” while on holiday, but this is the ideal way to save money plus experience the culture in a hands-on capacity and sacrifice so you can enjoy the trip in the way that you hope.

Traveling Around The Country

Getting around in Sweden is probably the greatest extravagance that visitors will want to indulge. With public transport, there are many restrictions on stopping at specific locations, getting on and off plus where and when you can go. The price point will also depend on the distance that you travel.

Hiring a car is often preferred since you can choose when you go, where you travel, and how far, with the expected fees determined upon signing the contract upfront.

Driving within the big cities can be challenging, and parking is tough, but road trips in a rental car are much preferred over public transport when you travel the countryside.

They are also beneficial for those who prefer a bit more independence compared to the inflexible schedules of a regimented transport or tourist plan.


Unfortunately, Sweden as a destination deems a rather expensive venture. Still, it’s one that many people worldwide choose due to the stunning landscape of the countryside.

Many are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to experience the beauty, and really, there aren’t that many if you plan far enough ahead for the trip. You might need to forego some of the fine dining or perhaps a cocktail or two but putting away a few dollars before making the excursion will allow you a few of these indulgences.

One of these primary indulgences is allowing for a rental car, so you can take a road trip through the country’s most beautiful regions, including the “off the map” small towns and villages where you can genuinely experience the culture.

The ideal time to visit is during the summer when super long days exceed a visitor’s energy level. The Swedish holiday takes place in June, for which travelers can join the locals and celebrate the traditions, plus the weather is phenomenal.


Regardless of the season, there is usually something special to experience . . . almost always via a road trip.





How To Save When Using A Biluthyrning

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