How To Stay Motivated When Working Out

How To Stay Motivated When Working Out : Staying motivated in order to achieve your goals is something which separates the good from the great and when it comes to fitness, more often than not, it is all down to mentality and of course motivation.

Now you might be the most motivated woman in the world however if you have a busy schedule which includes a 9-5 job and other things that life throws in the way, no matter how determined you are to visit the gym that day; things just get in the way!

Well this blog post is going to change that and not only improve your time management skills but also help you prioritise certain life events over others so you can still achieve your fitness goals and be the best person you can be.

From skills such as setting realistic goals, improving your time management, being accountable and celebrating your wins, you can not only level up your life but also achieve your fitness goals and become the best version of yourself!

The 4 Ways To Stay Motivated & Achieve Your Fitness Goals

  • Set realistic goals
  • Improve your time management skills
  • Be accountable for your life and goals
  • Celebrate your wins

Setting Realistic Goals

Throughout this fitness blog we will identify some of the most important skills that you should master in order to reach your fitness goals and stay motivated, whether that is to gain or lose weight, to have fun as hobby or to improve your mental health, the first step to greatness is always by setting realistic goals.

By setting realistic goals you can not only stay motivated to hit them but you actually will hit them, boosting your motivation and dedication. For example, if you have just started to workout it is vital that you set minor goals even if you have a major goal in mind. There is no good in setting big goals such as going to the gym 6 times a week and losing 2 stones in 2 weeks. It just isn’t possible!

Instead you should set realistic and timely goals such as “I am going to go to the gym today” and saying you will not eat that chocolate bar today and instead swap it for an easier option.

By all means have a major goal in the background but taking little baby steps will allow you to walk before you can run!

Improving Your Time Management Skills

Time management skills are a huge priority when it comes to achieving your fitness goals because it is all about consistency when it comes to health. No matter if that is by eating healthy food regularly or training consistently in the gym. Constituency is key and you can only be consistent if you have time to do so.

Therefore you should prioritise your day around the most important activities and your most important goals for that day. So if you work a 9-5 then this would be one of the major priorities for the day. Next it is all about taking accountability and ensuring you stick to your plan. If health and fitness is a big goal for you, prioritise 2 -3 hours of the rest of your day to attend the gym, complete your workout, have a shower and travel to and from the gym.

If you make a calendar and prioritise the tasks which are most valuable not only will you be more motivated but you will create new habits and eventually not even need motivation because you will be in a pattern  of attending the gym day-to-day and scheduling that specific time towards your fitness goals.

Being Accountable For Your Life

Thirdly, you must also be accountable for your own life and put your goals first if they are that important. That means maybe skipping that night out with your friends or cutting short that family catch up, just so you still have time to achieve those fitness goals and complete the exercise and healthy eating that you need to do that day.

If your time management skills are on point, you will be able to know how much time you have to do each day for other things so if you prioritise certain day to day things over other goals, this is where you can plan them in.

Celebrate Your Life Wins

Staying motivated can be hard and a great way to ensure that you are always feeling rewarded and competitive with yourself is by celebrating them with big wins. Maybe you have just completed a small goal you have set like visiting the gym 3 days in a row. That’s great! Celebrate it!

Not only will it make you feel like you want to do it again but a reward is great to just keep you motivated to keep going and make you feel good. Whether that is rewarding yourself with a break and watching your favourite tv show or even your favourite tasty treat, by celebrating the small wins you are on the path to greatness.


In conclusion, staying motivated as a busy woman can be extremely hard, however with the correct foundation in place and taking small tiny steps you will be achieving greatness in a short time. By following these simple tips we guarantee that you will not only feel amazing but you will also enjoy fitness and healthy eating.

So if that is going to the gym or just exercising at home, these tips will turn you from an unmotivated person with little time on their hands to a pre-planned workout queen that has everything in place and their life in perfect order. It may look hard from the outside, however trust us when we say that it is a lot easier than you think and with these simple steps you will be achieving all your huge goals and milestones you never thought were even possible!





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How To Stay Motivated When Working Out

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