How to Unlock Your Apple iPhone Using Unlock Phone Codes

How to Unlock Your Apple iPhone Using Unlock Phone Codes : Uh-oh. Your iPhone’s on the fritz. Whether it’s a change of carriers or a problem with your SIM card, you need to get it working again. That conference call is in just a few minutes, and everyone’s expecting you! What are you supposed to do? Well, why not try unlocking it?

That’s right. By unlocking your iPhone, you’re securing a gateway to carrier independence and maybe save a few bucks each month when switching carriers as well. For unlocking your Apple iPhone you can also contact an Apple-authorized service provider in Dubai, for all the necessary services.

It might not seem so simple, though. How exactly are you supposed to unlock iPhone features? A quick search online will yield all kinds of contradictory information, and your old carriers absolutely won’t want you to know the actual technique. You’re in the right place, though; all of the latest information on unlocking an iPhone is at your fingertips.

What follows is a quick rundown of how to unlock an iPhone.

What Is a Locked iPhone?

An iPhone is locked by the carrier when it’s sold to you. That essentially means that you can only use that iPhone with data and cell towers provided by that carrier. If you try to switch to a different provider, you’re going to have a pretty difficult time. You’ll need a new SIM card from your new carrier, and that’s often technically demanding on the user.

In the old days, when smartphones were brand new, you used to get your phone alongside a contract. That contract would lock you into a plan for up to four years. In that situation, by the time your contract expired, you’d probably prefer a new phone over fiddling with your old one. That’s why phone locks weren’t such a big issue then.

Nowadays, carriers prefer to separate payments for service and payments for ownership. That means that all of your payments for the phone get stacked on top of an ordinary data plan that you can break at any time. That would be fine, but there’s one problem. They’re still locking your phone! It’s much more frequent, now, to have people stuck wondering how to unlock iPhone SIM cards.

How Do I Avoid A Locked iPhone?

The best way to avoid a locked iPhone is to buy your device directly from Apple. At checkout, there’s an option for a SIM-free iPhone that comes without a contract and gives you complete freedom. That’s absolutely the best option if you can afford it.

Unfortunately, that isn’t really an option for a lot of people. These phones cost a pretty penny. Newer models can go for as much as $1,000, and even much older phones can still cost $500. Perhaps more importantly, unlike with a carrier, you usually are expected to pay all of that money upfront. Not many people have $1,000 lying around to spend.

If you weren’t able to avoid a locked iPhone, there are still solutions and options, so there’s no need to despair.

Is Unlocking An iPhone Illegal?

No! It’s completely legal to unlock your iPhone. The reason there’s so much confusion surrounding this topic is that, briefly, legislation was passed in the United States that made it illegal to unlock an iPhone. That legislation was overturned in 2015, and the grasp carriers have on your property has been significantly reduced. You can now proceed with zero problems whatsoever.

That’s great news, as long as you can actually manage to unlock it. Thankfully, that’s not as hard as it used to be.

Are There Different Ways to Unlock An iPhone?

You could take your phone to an iPhone mechanic, and they’d probably do the job just fine. But that’s a huge hassle. You’ll have to drive or walk to the nearest phone repair shop, meet the mechanic and explain your problem. After all of that, they’ll hold your phone for at least a few days, which means you’ll miss out on important calls, meetings and messages. That’s not even getting into the price, which might wind up costing you money you could put towards a new phone instead!

There are other ways to unlock iPhone features without even needing to leave your house. You might consider using an online service that can unlock your phone for you. These online services are generally easy-to-use and extremely affordable. It’s important to carefully select only a reputable service. Once that’s done, it’s as simple as arranging a deal with them and logging onto iTunes. Your new carrier’s SIM card should now be working, and your phone is unlocked!

You can also acquire remote unlock codes from major phone outlets in your area. Usually, all you need to do is give them a quick call. They’ll charge a fee for this service, but it’s usually nothing too outrageous.

How Do You Unlock Your iPhone?

If you acquired an unlock code from your carrier, it’s actually quite easy. It will take no more than five minutes.

First, switch out your old SIM card with your new one. Second, insert the code you were given by a third-party service or your carrier. Lastly, make a call. If it goes through, it works!

Beware! Some carriers will permanently lock your phone to your old network if too many invalid unlock codes are entered. You do not want to have this happen! Don’t enter an unlock code unless you’re certain it’s correct. If you receive an invalid message, stop. You should instead contact a third-party service to handle your unlocking over iTunes. That method doesn’t require a code.

Unlocking an iPhone Has Never Been Easier

All kinds of hurdles used to exist for unlocking iPhones. Briefly, it was even illegal! With increased attention from consumer advocates and support from congressional legislation, that’s changing. Now, more and more people are unlocking their iPhones and detaching themselves from their carriers.

It’s easy to see why. After all, unlocking your iPhone isn’t just a solution to an immediate problem. It’s not just a way for you to make that urgent phone call as quickly as possible. It’s a way thousands of people all over the world are achieving real and long-lasting independence.







How to Unlock Your Apple iPhone Using Unlock Phone Codes

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