How You Can Build A Body That Gets People To Notice That You Workout

How You Can Build A Body That Gets People To Notice That You Workout : So many women consistently go to the gym, but year after year their body does not change. Does this sound like you?

Gyms closing and still being closed in some areas due to Covid doesn’t help but the good news is that consistency in working out and work ethic is by my estimate, 70% of what you need to transform your body from average to jaw dropping. The rest depends on what you do when you’re working out, such as the intensity of your workout and of course, what you eat.

These are the mistakes that you’re making if you regularly exercise yet aren’t seeing changes in your body:

The majority of your workouts are solely steady state cardio

I see so many women who just walk, run or do the elliptical whether that’s indoors or outside. While cardio is fantastic for health, it’s not going to drastically change your physique. Most women that claim that they want to lose weight really want to drop body fat  and look “toned” (which really means having muscular definition).  To accomplish this goal, you’ll have to lift weights since muscle mass burns more calories at rest called BMR, short for Basal Metabolic Rate. “The truth is strength training helps reduce body fat and increase lean weight.”

Doing too few reps and sets of any resistance exercise

If you want to build a lean and toned physique, you have to lift weights. A common mistake that people make when weight training is not doing enough reps. This is usually because they’re afraid of feeling the burn that happens when you lift a lot of reps. To build muscle, you have to embrace the burn! All you have to do is do the exercise rep after rep until you can’t do anymore. If you planned on doing 12 reps but you know you can do 13, 14, then keep going until you can’t! That’s how you build those beautiful muscles!

Vladimir Zatsiorski, professor of kinesiology at Penn State  University and William Kraemer, professor of kinesiology at the University of Connecticut at Storrs describe this in Science and Practice of Strength Training “The use of higher training volumes (e.g multiple set training) is also important to develop lean tissue mass…women need to train at intensities high enough to cause adaptation in bone, muscle, cartilage, ligaments and tendons””.

Women are often afraid of getting too big from lifting weight which is why they tend to not lift as much as they should. However, according to Zatsiorski and Kraemer, “The fear of getting big is unfounded and development of lean tissue mass in women is extremely important.”

Assuming that they can do extra cardio to make up for the extra calories they consumed

Here’s a little math to show what it would take to “burn off” last night’s overindulgence from your virtual cocktails and cheese tasting. The average woman consumes between 1,600 and 2,400 calories so let’s assume she eats 1,600 calories. During this fun event, she consumes 6 ounces of goat cheese, which is an extra 619 calories plus three mojitos which is approximately 726 calories. Then she has 2 chocolate truffles for dessert which is 122 calories. At the end of the day, her total calorie consumption is 3,067 which will put almost a pound of fat on her body overnight. Let’s say that she weighs 120lbs which means on average she would burn 11.4 calories per minute. In order to burn off last night’s meal, she’d have to run for over 4 hours at a 10 minute mile pace! If you’re ready to hit the road or treadmill for 4 hours, I salute you! But if you’re like most people who don’t have more than an hour to exercise and like to enjoy a cheat meal once a week, you can start to see how one pound a week from your cheat meal can quickly turn into 3+ pounds a month and 36+ pounds of fat in a year. I’m not trying to tell you to never eat cheese, drink cocktails or enjoy your favorite indulgence. But if you want to maintain or lose weight long term, then you have to be mindful of how frequently you indulge.

They don’t stick to one program consistently

I know this first hand because I made all of these mistakes.

I was working out 7 days a week and was a healthy 26 year old woman. I had no idea how to workout or eat to build a lean muscular feminine physique. I bounced around between CrossFit, Soul Cycle, Krav Maga and Pilates classes as a way of staying healthy.  However, I never changed my body because I wasn’t following a consistent program and I wasn’t tracking my progress. Once I stuck with a weight training plan, my physique began to reflect the hard work that I was putting into my workouts.

Body transformation of Jillian
Body transformation of Jillian

I began to eat more healthy carbs like potatoes and fruit and cut out sugar, dairy and grains (yes even beer and cocktails but I still drink wine).

Don’t make the same mistakes I made when I was just starting to workout. You deserve to have a body that makes you feel beautiful, sexy and confident and that gets noticed by friends and strangers.


Jillian is the CEO of Team Appollon, an anti aging company that helps people look, feel and perform at their best at any age.  Check out this video on an upper body strength building workout that you can do at almost any gym.







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How You Can Build A Body That Gets People To Notice That You Workout

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