Insightful Tips On How To Choose Best Mutual Funds To Invest In According To Your Portfolio

Insightful tips on how to choose best Mutual Funds to invest in according to your portfolio
Insightful tips on how to choose best Mutual Funds to invest in according to your portfolio

Insightful tips on how to choose best Mutual Funds to invest in according to your portfolio : Everyone works hard to make more than a decent amount of money for future savings and investments. Due to high expenses, many of us are not able to save enough for anything. Mutual Fund Investment is a growing business in today’s market and almost anyone can start investing with a minimum of Rs. 500.

To begin your journey as an investor, you must collect every possible data about the different fund schemes, return rates and the benefits of short term and long term investment. Speak to friends or family who have prior investment experience and learn from their experiences and mistakes. You must also be sure to make your own decision regarding an investment rather than following someone’s example of high return investment.

It is wise to hire an investment agent or one will be appointed to you by the mutual fund company of your choice. These agents will provide you with researched data about various investments and based on your financial needs help you to build a suitable investor portfolio. There are various kinds of portfolios investors can make according to their investing needs. A diverse portfolio has proven to be beneficial for high-risk investors. Some important aspects to remember while creating a portfolio for first-time investors:

  • Time Investment: Your initial investment phase will require you to spend large amounts of time keeping track and reviewing the market. You also need to spend time with your investment agent to understand the various offers and benefits of different mutual fund schemes to make a final decision. Alternatively, you could take matters into your own hands, and compare brokers and funds with a comparison service like
  • Regular vs Yearly Review: As an investor, it is completely up to you on how you maintain your investments. It is advised to review your investments regularly as market conditions are not the same every day and if a certain investment of yours does not seem to perform well, you can always re-evaluate it. Yearly reviews are beneficial for long term investors who enjoy reading books and articles on the stock market.
  • Goal-Oriented Portfolio/ SIP: Investors who invest in best mutual funds with research and confidence know the benefits of long-term and short-term investment. Investing with SIP means a constant investment everything with an amount of your choice, so you constantly receive returns to achieve your financial goals.

A diversified portfolio gets you good returns even when the market is low. The best mutual fund portfolio that receives a high return is high-risk Investors. High-risk Investor portfolio contains returns from the multi-cap, midcap, large-cap, balanced categories and small-cap categories.

Some of the best mutual funds to invest in based on your portfolio are :

  1. ICICI Prudential Blue Chip Fund
  2. Aditya Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund
  3. HDFC Hybrid Fund
  4. Morse Asset India Opportunities Fund
  5. SBI Focused Equity Fund
  6. HDFC Midcap Opps Fund
  7. Reliance Small Cap Fund
  8. Franklin India Smaller Cos Fund

You can be a high-risk or low-risk investor, but investing in a mutual fund is always a smart idea. Investors can invest through SIP and invest in 5-7 funds simultaneously. A good mutual fund portfolio can generate good amounts of return in the medium to long run.

If you are not investing in the best mutual funds for a non-profit or through a tax-free account, you should beware of high turnover. High turnovers result in high-income tax which takes a direct hit to the high returns you receive of your mutual fund investment. Someone who can professionally handle your finances and manage your portfolio is not difficult to find. It is easy to have access to agents with background checks through investment companies. The investment agent can help you browse through the scheme funds and help you settle in with an investment company of your choice. Keep your investment goals clear while selecting a mutual fund to invest in.

While investing large sums of money, young investors must be well versed with the loopholes of mutual fund investments. A no-load mutual fund works well for wealthy young investors without having to lose 11% return at the time of retirement. Stocks are not the only form of investment for investors who wish to build a diverse portfolio. Owning different best mutual funds to invest in the same sector is not known as diversification, to diversify the portfolio, investors must invest in international funds, fixed-income funds, real-estate funds, convertible funds and many more.

Remember the point is to grow your wealth over a long period of time. Let your investment compound and be disciplined enough to invest for at least 10 years to gain higher returns. Make sure the base of your portfolio is domestic equities, but there are numerous mutual funds to invest in out there that offer better and higher returns on your investments.

If you haven’t thought of the best mutual funds to invest in as an investment strategy yet, you must now. The earlier you invest, the more time you have for the long-term investment to compound and generate high returns.






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Insightful tips on how to choose best Mutual Funds to invest in according to your portfolio

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