Inspirations for a Girl’s Night In

There is nothing we love more than our regular girl’s night in – yes, we love being a mummy and a dutiful and doting partner! However, spending that quality time with our girlfriends is essential! Use our guide to help you think of something out of the ordinary for your next girls’ night in!

1. Play Poker!

Gone are the days that poker was deemed a ‘guy’ thing, female poker players such Vanessa Rousso and Victoria Coren are on the rise. So why not get yourself on Pokerstars poker and add a competitive edge to the evening. Dress up for the evening as if you were going to the casino, purchase some cigars made from candy and play ‘casino’ related music in the background and to really add to the ambience. Finally don’t forget to have the cocktail shaker to hand and get ready to mix up a ‘Poker Cocktail!’

2. Grab your Dancing Shoes!

For a real unique evening buy or rent a DVD which teaches you how to dance, whether that is country line dancing, hip hop or even belly dancing, what a wonderful way to spend the evening! Create accessories for the evening, such as cowboy hats for country line dancing, bandanas for hip hop and eastern style jewellery for belly dancing. Add a few drinks in the mix to help you all relax and you will all soon be strutting your stuff around the living room!

3. Gordon Ramsay Move Over…!

Why not host a cooking night? Make a decision as to what kind of cooking you would all like to experiment with and find somebody to teach you. Either ask somebody you know who is especially good at cooking or hire a professional. Create up a whizz in the kitchen.

4. A Pampered Spa Night

Begin by setting the mood: Light some scented candles, play some soft background music and decorate your house with fresh herbs and beautiful white flowers. Ask your guests to bring their dressing robes. Take time to give each other those much needed manicures, facials and pedicures.

5. A Chocolate and Wine Party

Put your creative skills to the test and design an invite for each guest – email or post your invites to all your guests outlining the theme and requirements that each guest has to fulfil, such as bring along a selection of their favourite desserts – to make the evening special, one of the desserts has to be home made. Buy a selection of different wines to suit everybody’s palette – include white wine, rose and red wine. Sit back and relax as the wine flows and the chocolate desserts are devoured.


Inspirations for a Girl’s Night In