Is It Time For A Dental Check-Up?

Is It Time For A Dental Check-Up? Your dental health is as important as your overall physical health. Having healthy gums and strong teeth is crucial. When your oral health is not at its best, it can be reflected in other parts of the body and can cause significant discomfort as a result.

One of the most ill-advised steps that people take when it comes to dental care is to avoid visits to the dentist. For example, even if you aren’t experiencing oral pain, you can still get your teeth grinded at massapequa Family Dentistry for cosmetic purposes. It is ubiquitous for people to assume that because they do not see anything wrong and their teeth look and feel fine, that a trip to a dentist’s office for a check-up is unnecessary. This belief is inaccurate. Getting regular check-ups done by a dentist is vital, especially when it comes to early detection and dental problems resolution. The recommended time between check-ups is 6 months.

When does a visit to the dentist become more a matter of urgency than necessity?

When you have pains and aches

Toothaches can be debilitating sources of pain. They are often a signifier that there is something amiss and are best seen by a dentist. A toothache may be caused by cavities, tooth decay or compromised fillings. Your gums may also have some pain that is brought about by infections. Severe gum infections may even cause toothaches. When you start to experience pain in your teeth and gums, it is not time to tough it out and hope that the issue will resolve itself. Make a trip to your dentist as soon as you can schedule an appointment so that they can rule out more severe problems.

When you have bleeding gums

Constantly bleeding gums are a cause for significant concern. If you notice that your gums often bleed, it is time to see a dentist. In most cases, bleeding gums can indicate gingivitis, which may sometimes deteriorate into periodontal disease if left unattended. Allowing periodontal disease to remain untreated can lead to other health complications at a later point.

Please note, however, that occasional one-off bleeding in the gums when brushing your teeth or flossing is not usually a cause for concern. You may mention such occurrences to your dentist if you would like to be cautious.

When you experience some sensitivity

Sensitive teeth and gums have become a more prevalent complaint. People with sensitivity in their teeth or gums may get an initial sharp, stinging feeling before a tingling sensation settles in when they consume hot or cold foods and drinks. This sensitivity can significantly impact your quality of life, altering your eating habits and limiting your enjoyment. It would be best to mention sensitive teeth or gums to your dentist as they may point to underlying issues like worn enamel or receding gums.

In Case of lousy breath or falling teeth

If you are diligent with your oral hygiene but are still chronically having bad breath, it may be signalling that there is something amiss in your oral care. Constant bad breath is known as halitosis and may indicate that you need to make some adjustments to your oral care. Conversely, the excess build of plaque and bacterial formations may be the cause and must be resolved by a dentist.

The teeth you get in your pre-teen to early teenage years are known as permanent teeth. They are meant to take you into old age. If you start losing teeth, you must see a dentist as soon as you can. It may be an indicator that there is a severe problem.

There is no need for panic if a significant length of time has passed since your last dentist appointment. All you must do now is visit as soon as you can, then schedule later appointments at more regular intervals, which follow the recommended guidelines.






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Is It Time For A Dental Check-Up?

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