Is Skateboarding A Good Form of Burning Fat?

Is Skateboarding A Good Form of Burning Fat? Skateboarding is an amazing exercise that could burn your calories and help to train some parts of the body. It also improves your agility, balance, and flexibility. Like other sports, the effectiveness of burning fat as well as building up your muscles depends highly on the intensity, weight, and age.

Most of all, having the right equipment i.e., skates is an important factor. If you wish to buy a new pair of roller skates, you can get them from Wow Skates.

If you skate regularly, you could lose weight. By moderately pushing the skateboard, you would burn 400 calories per hour and 800 if you do it aggressively. But you should be careful because weighty skaters are likely to get injured. Moreover, its effectiveness is not like mountain biking or other exercises but it provides more fun with burning fat. By doing this, you could not just lose weight but also increase muscle strength.

Why is it a good form of exercise?

Skateboarding is a good exercise that helps you both physically and mentally. While skateboarding, nothing could be in your mind except your skateboard and you. It could take your mind off everything. You don’t need to think about your daily work or family problems. You should consider reward and risk as well as injuries but try to avoid such problems.

Skateboarding is the best for core flexibility and strength. It is good because-

  • Skateboarding offers you a full-body exercise
  • It improves precision and coordination
  • It allows picking up other sports like surfing and snowboarding
  • It helps to learn falling techniques and avoid tumbling and slipping in your real life
  • It also improves practice patience as you have to practice a lot before learning a trick

Skateboarding helps to burn your belly fat:

It is great to burn fat and the amount of burning fat depends on the time and skill level. You should not expect any instant result by skateboarding. It requires less intensity to just push off and ride a skateboard.

Depending on the bearings and wheels, you may burn less or more calories. Bad bearings and hard wheels would force you to push more often whereas smooth bearings and soft wheels would cost less energy. Classic freestyle skateboarding is better than riding a longboard. Longboards gave bigger soft wheels and normal boards had harder and smaller wheels. If you are a beginner or you want to return to skateboarding after a long time, consider getting private skateboard lessons so you can prevent any injuries while working out.

Skateboarding is similar to interval training. When you run across the skate park streets, you would have a powerful skate session. You could not do this session for more than 15 minutes and you have to take a break between each session. When you start doing it, you would feel your heart pounding and your legs burn.

How many calories burn while skateboarding?

Here is a chart of burning calories when skateboarding-

Weight(pounds) Weight(kg) time calories Joules
125 56.7 1 hour 300 1255.2
155 70.3 1 hour 372 1556.4
185 83.9 1 hour 444 1857.6


If you do skateboarding for five hours a week, you could burn around 1500-2220 calories and this depends on your weight. By combining a healthy and proper diet with another sport, you would be able to burn more fat because it is more about your eating and drinking.

Eating a lot of fast food with skateboarding is worse whereas consuming healthy, nutritious food with no exercise is better. Thus, it is important to maintain a healthy diet. Keep skateboarding regularly for at least 15-20 minutes and get the results!

What is the weight limit for skateboarding?

If you think that you are too heavy to do skateboarding, you should try another sport first. If you wear your protective gear, it may not be a big problem. Weight-limit for anyone who wants to skateboard depends on the manufacturer or brand because regular skateboards come with altered standards than longboards. If you purchase your skateboard from a good brand, the weight would not be a problem. This limit also depends on the agility and the capability to move.

Risks of skateboarding:

If you are over 300 pounds, skateboarding is not recommended for you. If so, you have to try hard to learn all the tricks. There are also risks of getting injured so, you have to wear your protective gear always and don’t forget to include a comfortable helmet. Your knees may suffer from this impact and falling is a common problem mostly for beginners. If you are a beginner, you should start slowly and learn the tricks first. Once you capture all the techniques, skateboarding would not be a difficult task for you.

Make a proper plan at the start as you would do every session for about 20 minutes and then go for 60 minutes of each session gradually. You should not be overconfident at the first stage. Continue doing this regularly and soon you would get started with burning your fat.

Weight loss schedule for skateboarding:

There is no fixed schedule for skateboarding, you just need to keep it up. As a beginner, you could do it at least 3 times per week and then take it as a regular sport in your daily life. You shouldn’t ignore the pain, minor discomforts are usually such as fatigue in the feet but if you find something major, don’t ignore it.

After every session, you have to give your body some time to recover. Ensure that you enjoy the sport more than anything while skateboarding. Moreover, you could buy a wide deck like 8.25 inches or 8.5 inches.

Skateboarding considerations:

Though your body burns calories constantly at a lower rate, you could burn more by increasing your intensity of skateboarding. If you have set your mind for losing fat by skateboarding, you have to adjust the method first. When you are forcing yourself through strongly pushing the foot alongside the ground, you are burning extra calories than cruising or coasting downhill. Thus, you have to keep your intensity higher.


Now you know that skateboarding is a good form of burning fat. It is a bit challenging to burn a high amount of calories through skateboarding alone and by adding some aerobic exercise with it, you could achieve your goal easily. You may add cycling and run as they are more effective along with your skateboarding gear!



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