Is Your Weight-loss Struggle a Result of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency?

Is Your Weight-loss Struggle a Result of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency? For many, fit and slim came easy in youth. You could eat what you wanted, and your metabolism took care of the calories. Cheeseburgers and cookies just didn’t make an impact. As the body ages, though, the system slows down, shifting and making weight loss more trying.

Now, those indulgences are no longer tolerated despite the cravings. Cutting out the excess calories is helpful, but it may not be enough to counter the body’s changes. For some, they’ll need to evaluate their human growth hormone levels, determining measures to correct or overcome its barriers.

What Is Human Growth Hormone?

This hormone is the reason as kids that junk food probably didn’t impact you. Released, it spawns growth spurts, with the metabolism devouring the calories. Released by the pituitary gland, it is responsible for children’s development. As people age, this production decreases. It becomes hard to lose weight, and traditional dieting is not enough to battle the problem.

What Are Signs of the Condition?

If you are working out and cutting out the bad stuff, chances are you should see shifts. If that isn’t cutting it, you may suffer from a deficiency. In addition, other indicators could be hair loss, depression, anxiety, loss of energy, and trouble with cholesterol or sugar levels. Speak to a doctor for a blood test to confirm.

Can Supplements Help?

Several products on the market claim to spur metabolic rates, allowing people to shed pounds more easily. Research points to two common diets: Sermorelin vs HCG for weight-loss. Which one is a better choice? Sermorelin doesn’t spawn results immediately. It’s designed to show effect over a longer period, allowing the body to have time to adjust. The drug spurs hormone production, encouraging the pituitary gland to function better. HGH amounts grow; the body once again can attack calories like it used to do. Exercise helps, but isn’t always necessary for the metabolic rate to pick up. As an added bonus, as Sermorelin assists in fat burning, it also could make people feel better and aid in injury repairs, foster better sleep and build exercise endurance.

Another common trend is the HCG method, spawned from studies of human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is most associated with pregnancy, as it’s released when a woman conceives. The concept to use it began early on and relies on the additive to decrease hunger, so people no longer eat more than they need. As an appetite suppressant, people then don’t want to consume. Daily intake stays around 500 to 800 calories.

Work with professionals to design a course of action. It’s tough getting older, but help is out there.






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Is Your Weight-loss Struggle a Result of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency?

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