How to Keep Nail Polish Looking Fresh

Getting a manicure is time-consuming and expensive which is why women should keep their nails looking pristine and gorgeous for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are various ways polish chips off and ruin pretty colors. This list will show you ways to keep your nail polish fresh and vibrant looking.


1. Make sure your nails are clean and fully dry before a manicure

Nail polish sticks best when nails are clean and dry, allowing the base coat to adhere securely so that color will last longer.

2. Trim your nails and file them on a regular basis

Long nails are harder to take care of especially if you engage in a lot of activities that may lead to chipping. File and clip your nails before painting on polish. Filed nails also have that finished clean look.

3. Use the right products and methods

Ask your manicurist to always put on a base coat. Base coats help keep the nail polish look vibrant and last longer. Base coats also protect nails from being stained by polish as darker polish tends to discolor nails. Dry the base coat thoroughly before putting on a thin layer of nail polish. Add only two thin layers or the least amount of layers that achieve your desired effect. Apply a top coat to further protect your newly polished nails. Do not handle any objects until the paint is completely dry.

4. Avoid getting your hands wet

Whenever you wash dishes or do something involving water, make sure to use gloves to protect your manicured nails. This will help prevent the color from chipping or fading quickly. Of course, everybody needs to wash her hands on a regular basis. The best way to wash your hands without causing extra damage to your polish is to rub your palms together as opposed to getting unnecessary soap on your nails. Our palms and finger tips are some of the dirtiest parts of our body while the external parts of the nails require minimum washing.

5. Carry a nail kit in your purse

Having a nail tool kit with you at all times will get you to repair chips as soon as possible. This will prevent you from having to spend on a new manicure procedure all over again.

It does make a difference to shell out more money on quality brands of polish as opposed to buying the cheapest ones available. Thankfully, these tips will stretch your money. Be sure to follow them regularly to keep your nail polish looking beautiful and fresh, just like the day you got them!


How to Keep Nail Polish Looking Fresh