Keep Yourself Physically and Mentally Fit (Part 6).

How Can You Improve?

The first step in fighting the way that food makes you feel, though, is to recognize that there is a connection between the way that you feel and the way that you eat. Realizing this makes a large difference in improving both your physical fitness and your mind’s fitness.

How can you improve your mind’s fitness? There are many great ways to make this happen. Remember when I said this fitness plan was going to be fun? Here there are many great ways to improve your emotional and mental fitness through fun methods.

Each aspect is unique in itself and in the way that it will help to improve both your physical fitness and your quality of life. Incorporate as many of these things into your life as you can, and you’ll see differences in the way that you feel and the way that you see the world.

Your Self Esteem

We’ll tackle one of the hardest things to improve right from the beginning: your self esteem. A healthy self esteem is one that’s confident but not overly macho. You should be able to feel confident in the decisions that you make and in the way that your life is moving. Confidence is built on many things including the fact that you have to realize that you do have weaknesses and you do have limits to your abilities. Accept those, work on improving them if you can and then do the best job that you can overall.

In addition, learn how to accept compliments and to take criticism. Getting down on yourself because someone doesn’t like the job you did isn’t okay.

Although challenging, you need to be able to say, “Hey, I did a good job!” You also need to recognize when it wasn’t your best work and realize that it’s okay not to be perfect 100 percent of the time. Learn to take criticism positively. If your boss says that the job wasn’t good enough, ask what you could have improved on for next time. Then, you set yourself up for success rather than a pint of ice cream!

One way to improve the way that you look and feel about yourself is to take care of your outward appearance. Those that dress well, take care of the way that they look and those that do things for themselves are the most confident people out there. Just putting on a beautiful outfit can make you feel good about yourself.

Build A Social Network

A social network is a very important to your well being, both physically and mentally. Those that have people around them to support them do well in many more aspects of their lives. Let’s face, its fun to have people around too! But, how can you build a social network of people that you can rely on?

Make time for those that you already have. Don’t assume that they will always be there when you need them, even when you don’t pay attention to them otherwise. You should always strive for a lifestyle that’s positive with those in your family and your friends. That means taking on the challenges that come up between people, working through them and then letting them go.

Relationships take time and work. If you are married, that relationship alone will be one that you have to work on. Realizing that you aren’t always right and making sacrifices for those that need you to can be an important and difficult risk you have to take.

Commit to going out and having fun, whatever way is fun to you, at least one time per week. Getting away or even just finding time to play a board game is essential. This allows your mind to repair damage and it allows you to improve your network of friends.

Don’t take friends for granted because they won’t be there when you need them the most. In part of that comes the fact that if you want to have family and friends you need to be a friend, too. Giving others support helps them to accomplish their life’s needs and it gives you a sense of gratification. You’ll feel good about life and your social network.

Managing Stress

Its not easy job, but you have to do it! Stress is one of the largest problems in health today. Stress affects your ability to function properly. It hinders you throughout your life by causing unhealthy living situations, physical risks and puts your entire well being at risk for emotional breakdown.

To help remedy stress, there are many things that you can do. For starters, find an outlet. You need to find something that you love to do. A hobby, a physical activity, or some other thing that really brings you happiness is necessary to have. By doing that activity even after a long and stressful day it can offer you improvement in your health and well being, by relieving stress.

If the situations that you are in provide you with high levels of stress, it is important for you to find solutions to those problems. You need an effective manor for relieving stress and if you can’t do so by solving the problem or by letting go of the stress you need to remove yourself from such situations. Stress that is ongoing without any real stopping is a large health risk!

Brain Power!

To improve mental fitness, use your brain power! You don’t have to do any type of exercise with your brain physically of course, but mentally you do! For starters, always keep yourself learning. Learning new things keeps the mind active and that means health. Someone that is learning new things that interests them is likely to continue to having a mental state that’s positive and motivated.

You should also use challenges to help power you through your day and your life. Giving yourself the ability to overcome challenges from puzzles to problems in life (yours or others) can help to keep your brain working. Asking questions, getting the answers and working at it helps to improve the brain’s function, allowing you to fend off Alzheimer’s and other conditions like it.

Your Overall Mental Fitness Plan

So, now you have it! You know what to do to make your lifestyle improved through these changes. Here’s a quick look at the changes that you can make today that will increase your mind’s power later and throughout your life.

  1. Improve your stress levels and see physical, mental and emotional benefits right away.
  2. Improve your social network to reduce stress and to improve your quality of life. It also helps to make it through difficult times when you have someone by your side.
  3. Improve your brain’s fitness by challenging it through new adventures, continuous learning and through challenges of all types.
  4. Do things that are enjoyable to you. If you can’t think of anything, learn something new. New adventures coupled with doing them with those that you love make life better and help to improve your mental fitness.
  5. Keep your self esteem positive. Working on this is hard, but feeling good about yourself is a must for overall health.

By doing these things it will significantly improve the fitness that your mind has physically and emotionally. The good news is that you can change the outcome of your day by just making the right decisions on the way to look at challenges during the day. Make changes like these today and see results today.

Lifestyle Fitness, You Are What You Do, Too

Your lifestyle is the way that you live your life. Although each of these other elements is very important parts of your lifestyle, they are not everything. Each decision you make throughout the course of the day plays a role in your fitness.

Each of these lifestyle considerations is important and each offers a unique spin on the quality of life you will lead. Improve them, and physical fitness increases.

Smoking, Drinking And Drugs

Each of those three things, smoking, drinking and drugs, is a problem for your health and your ability to make it through the life you have. You probably already know the risks of what these things can do to your life, but you may not realize the extent at which it takes to improve them.

For example, smoking will eat away at your lungs and will cause cancer. There are no ifs about it. It will cause cancer eventually in your lungs. But, smoking is something that you can stop, even if it is one of the hardest things you will have to do. To improve your fitness, find a proven method to stop smoking and do it. You will find that your health increases, your energy increases, your stress levels DO go down and you can feel better about the life you are living.

When you quit early enough, your body can repair the damage that you have done to your lungs. This can only happen if you stop soon enough, though. Drinking and drugs are just as bad. Each time that you consume too much alcohol that makes you drunk or you take illegal drugs, you destroy your body slowly and methodically.

You kill brain cells, you put your life at risk and you destroy the organs in your body. Some damage can be fixed through healing over time, others can’t. To improve your lifestyle and to extend your life, you need to remove these problems from it. Smoking and drugs are simply a no no. Drinking alcohol isn’t nearly as bad for you when you drink it in moderation and only when you are drinking low concentrations of alcohol such as in wine rather than in hard liquor or beer.


Do you sleep? No, we mean actually lying down and sleeping for 7 to 9 hours per night? Do you wake up rested? If not, then you aren’t getting the right amount of sleep for health. Your lifestyle fitness requires that you get quality sleep each night.

Why is sleep so important? There are actually several reasons. For one, sleep is the body’s time to relax and to recoup what it’s done all day. You need this time for your mind to. It’s the way that your mind works through problems. It’s the time that your body heals from the exertions of the day.

It’s a time to restart, refresh and give yourself the best chance at improving tomorrow. Those that don’t get enough sleep are not capable of performing at their best physical or mental level. They aren’t able to improve the level at which they can function and they make bad mistakes. Stress hurts more, physical ailments hinder you more when you don’t get enough sleep.

If you are having problems with sleeping, there are many ways that you can overcome insomnia.

  1. Reducing stress levels during the day is helpful as is working out the stresses that you can’t get rid of.
  2. Try to go to sleep at the same time everyday and give yourself as much time as necessary to feel rested.
  3. Don’t do stimulating things before bed such as watching television or working on a project.
  4. Don’t eat before bed, at least two hours beforehand.

If you are facing problems with insomnia or are struggling to get to sleep, talk to your doctor about it. There may be an underlying medical condition that could be causing it. While it used to be that there were only sleeping medications that were addicting, today there are many that are not like that which can offer you a night’s rest. Don’t use these unless your doctor has prescribed them for you.

Be Happy – Keep Yourself Physically and Mentally Fit.