Keys to a Happy Relationship

Many people tend to talk more about unhappy relationships and miserable marriages, but what about happy relationships? Is there such a thing as a truly happy relationship? I know a few people who are in an utterly happy relationship! Want to know the secret to a happy relationship? Take a look! Here are 7 keys to a healthy and happy relationship!

Important Keys to a Happy Relationship

1. Respect

An unwavering and deep respect for your significant other is one of the most important keys to a happy relationship. If you cannot respect your man, then why are you with him? You need to have some level of care and some level of respect, if you want to be in a healthy and happy relationship.

2. Understanding

Another important key is understanding. You should be able to understand your partner, get his reactions, understand his moods, and know where he is coming from, or it’s going to be an unhealthy relationship that you are in.

3. Communication

If you are in a happy relationship, you really know how communicate with your partner! Sure, both of you might have some problems with communication sometimes, but you should know how to communicate with one another most of the time.

4. Polite fighting

When both of you are happy in a relationship, you never name call and hit below the belt with the rude comments. You fight politely, fight fair and fight as if you still care about one another. I know that it’s so difficult sometimes, but trust me it is really worth it.

5. Politeness

I’m not talking about that fake polite you pull when you’re in front of your coworkers. You need to have some type of manners with your sweetheart. You can still feel comfortable, still be yourself, but there must be politeness in your relationship, since it’s a key to a healthy and happy relationship!

6. Little things really do matter

Yes, ladies, all those things really do matter. Don’t forget to tell your partner how much you love him, and make sure he tells you how much he loves you. Flowers once in a while are also a nice gesture. After all, who said that a woman can’t send flowers to her man?

7. Sex

The last important key to a happy relationship is sex. If you’re in a relationship that has a big lack of sex, there might be something wrong, or perhaps you are not sexual people. If sex is not a problem to you and your partner, then it’s okay!

Are you in a healthy and happy relationship? What are the secrets to a happy relationship? Share your thoughts, please.


Keys to a Happy Relationship


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