Know Your Options When Shopping For Slipcovers

Know Your Options When Shopping For Slipcovers : It is incredibly hard to balance the needs with the design for home decor. The first thing that you must decide is to protect your furniture and give it a makeover is whether to go for upholstering or use slipcovers.

The latter is a more popular choice because it is less expensive, and you can have multiple covers that you can change periodically to refresh the looks of the furniture. The first thing to consider is the furniture design that determines whether you need a single-piece cover or sectional couch cover. With so many types of slipcover fabrics available in the market, deciding which is right for you can often be challenging.

This article should help you to choose the right slipcover fabric.


Cotton is the most preferred slipcover material, especially for homes with kids and pets. Cotton fabric is light and machine washable, and multiple washing does not affect the fabric if it is pre-shrunk.  Cotton can withstand extensive wear and tear from kid’s and pets’ abuse that lends durability to the fabric. It absorbs liquids and protects the fabric of the sofa underneath. Cotton is versatile and available in a wide range of colors besides being hypoallergenic and breathable. It is soft and comfortable and easy to clean but can stain easily and even shrink after the first watch.


Linen has many similarities with cotton and is made from flax, which is a natural fiber that is exceptionally strong. It is a naturally lustrous and soft fabric with high durability and can resist moths, abrasion, and pilling. It pairs up nicely with cotton and is an excellent option for those who prefer casual looks and do not mind wrinkling. Dry cleaning is recommended for unwashed linen but later can be washed at home. Like cotton, it is prone to staining.


The thick and short pile of velvet is unique that gives a luxurious look of velvet, the woven fabric that assures a soft touch. The fabric ensures enormous comfort with its rich texture and color. It is excellent for cold weather by providing coziness, warmth, and a creamy feel, making it extremely comfortable. The material is light and exudes ultra-luxury that spells sophistication, but is it expensive and not easy to clean.


Leather is sturdy and offers high protection against scratching, spillage, and wetting. It is easy to clean with a gentle vacuum and wipe with a wet cloth or saddle soap or leather conditioner. Genuine leather is incomparable in its quality, comfort, luxury, and warmth that makes it a symbol of an elegant lifestyle that luxury. Leather is an expensive and cheaper alternative is faux leather that resembles the looks of natural leather and has similar properties, although its durability is less than natural leather. But leather is not pet-friendly.


To overcome the limitations of leather in being friendly to pets and kids, people prefer microfiber fabric that is easy to clean and stain-resistant besides lasting long. The thick material offers adequate protection against spills.


Polyester is excellent for slipcovers that last long, does not wrinkle, colorfast, easy to clean, and withstands abrasion. It is cheap but not eco-friendly.

There is a wide variety of selection for you to choose from.








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Know Your Options When Shopping For Slipcovers

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