Kundli Matching: Why It’s Necessary for a Blissful Marriage

Kundli Matching: Why It's Necessary for a Blissful Marriage
Kundli Matching: Why It's Necessary for a Blissful Marriage

Kundli Matching: Why It’s Necessary for a Blissful Marriage : Traditional Indian Hindu families go for Kundli matching when it comes to marriage. This matching is essential for knowing whether the Kundli or horoscope of the bride is compatible with that of the bridegroom. If both the kundlis do not match properly, then the families will not allow the marriage to happen. Hindus believe that if Kundli matching is done, then the bride and the groom will share a happy married life with each there.

What is Janam Kundli Milan?

In horoscope matching, Gunas or traits of both the brides and grooms are correctly matched by the astrologers. One can either visit their family purohit or astrologer or can get free Kundli online. This matching decides that whether your partner will keep one happy throughout life or not. Without horoscope matching, marriage success can’t be guaranteed.

Many believe that the adverse impacts of marriage can be avoided or managed with this matching ritual. If any malefic effects are found in the horoscope, then the astrologer recommends the best solutions and remedies that can help in overcoming the effects. If malefic impacts are not overcome, then an unsatisfying and unhappy married life will be on the cards.

As per Hindu scriptures, marriages are the holiest union in the human world. These scriptures also say that couples are made in heavens, and Kundli matching is just the perfect medium of pairing the couples perfectly on earth.  

Why Is Kundli Matching Very Important?

The right partner can be easily found out with the help of Kundli matching. This matching is much more critical in the case of arranged marriages as the families always want to ensure that they are taking the right marriage decisions for their children. They think that only Kundli matching can help them in finding the best partners for their children. This is quite a strong Hindu belief, and nothing can break it.

Though there is no definite logical or practical explanation for the same, it is still based on the opinion that families go by this step before taking the marriage decisions of their children. As per Vedic astrology, two souls can be tied together with this matching. In the world of astrological science, Kundli matching has got great significance, and it can be explained rationally as well. Sometimes, stars and planets are not in the right positions, and despite that, if marriage happens, then the married-life will end-up in a great disaster. In order to avoid a disastrous result, the planet influences need to be controlled or regulated on time using rituals.

The kind of ceremony can also be effectively decided on the basis of horoscope matching. On the other hand, Lagna melapak and compatibility can also be tested with the help of Kundli matching.  

How does Kundli matching work?

Only an experienced Kundli-Milan specialist can perform Kundli matching. Nowadays, there are many sites online where free Kundli matching is done. In that case, the kundlis need to be produced so that a perfect pairing can be made. In this case, birth date, time, and location need to be provided for an accurate matching result. The chart of Janam Kundli has got twelve houses, and the planets and their impacts at every home need to be analyzed individually for reaching the ultimate conclusion. Online Kundli matching is really very convenient as the outcome can be easily and quickly received.  

Is Kundali matching necessary for marriage?

Is Kundali matching necessary for marriage?
Is Kundali matching necessary for marriage?

If you want to get a successful and happy marriage, then you might want to get your horoscope matching done. In this case, ashta-koota matching is the most important thing that includes matching of 36 points. Good marriage represents matching of almost more than 18 points, and if below that, then the marriage will not be happy enough and sometimes might come to an end.

If you and your partner’s horoscopes have more than 18 points common or matched then, only elders will approve your marriage. Traditional marriages always demand horoscope matching, but in the case of love marriages, some people do not find it as a mandatory thing. If you really believe that you and your lover share the quality of adjustment, trust, and love, then your relationship will automatically become stable.

In fact, in love marriages, people get the chance to know each other in a better way, especially bad and good habits. Since in arranged marriages, this chance is lower; therefore, horoscope matching is the only thing to rely on. It is important for those who opt for love marriages to get their horoscope matching done, as it would give them a better idea about child-birth, lifespan, financial condition or stability, chances of getting cheated or divorce and other related ones. In some cases, upcoming challenges or hardships in life ahead can also be known.

Which Gunas should be matched before your marriage?

Horoscope matching is nothing but a kind of astrological prediction regarding your married-life. Its an alignment of stars and position of planets. 36 major points are compared, and if majority points are found in common, then only marriages are considered to be blissful. Lower than 18 points indicate an unhappy marriage. 18-25 is the average score, 26-32 seems to be a good match, and 33-36 is simply an excellent match. If you and your would-be spouse belong to the third category, then nobody can stop you from leading a happy and sustainable married life.

Sometimes, girls or boys are also suggested wearing gems for keeping the negative vibes of planets away from their married-life. As soon as 36 points match, families start making preparations for marriage. In fact, the marriage date is fixed only after the result of the horoscope matching is known.

In India, many people think that horoscope matching is simply a waste of time, but traditional people of society find it the essential thing in marriages. To be more precise, it is the belief among Hindus that has kept the tradition of horoscope matching alive. But the accurate matching result will not be obtained if you fail to get an expert astrologer having specialization in the same. Horoscope calculations are very much complicated, and only experienced specialists can deal with the same in the most effective manner. Therefore, first of all, finding the best Vedic astrologer is essential in this regard.




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