Landing A Job Vs Winning At Online Slots – Odds

Landing A Job Vs Winning At Online Slots – Odds : When it comes to gambling you can either take the odds of winning into account or just throw caution to the wind and dive in. This can work in your favour if you bet on an outsider in a horse race and it wins.

This happens regularly and goes against odds and form. Ignoring the odds can be dangerous though, especially if you play slots pay by mobile phone.  Not all slot games are the same and some are harder to win on than others. You can, however, increase your odds of winning in certain ways.

Landing a Job

When it comes to landing jobs, the chances are that you do not even bother checking the odds of being successful, before you apply. The chances are that you cannot even find out how many people have actually applied for the job anyway, so you are blind to the odds against you landing the gig. On average though, there are 30 people chasing each vacancy currently in the UK.

The first thing applicants usually consider is whether they can actually do the job and have the relevant skills needed to be successful. When the odds do come into play, people risk it and apply anyway. This is similar to slots gambling because the odds are stacked against you, but you spin the reels and hope for the best anyway.

Turning the Odds in Your Favour

The only thing that can be done jobwise is to make sure you have a super sharp CV and that you out-perform everyone during your interview. With slots, it is easier to manipulate the odds in your favour, because you can be more selective about what slots you play. This won’t ensure a win, but you are far more likely to beat the odds and get some of your wagering money back. With jobs, it is harder to be selective, especially if you are desperate for money.

High RTP Slots

The easiest way of beating the odds of winning at slots is by decreasing the house edge these games hold over you. This can be done by playing high RTP or Return to Player slot games. If you spin low RTP games, then you literally increase the house edge that online casinos already have over you. High RTP games behave differently to low RTP games. Games with an RTP of over 96% tend to pay out more frequently and dead spins are less frequent. Bonuses are also easier to land and wins fall into the small to medium range. Low RTP slots throw out plenty of dead spins and wins are very uneven. They can  exceptionally high though because of the highly volatile nature of such games.

  • Winning at slots is easier than landing a job, especially if you are after your dream job
  • On average there are 30 applicants for every job out there in the UK, so the odds are against you
  • You can turn the odds in your favour with slots by playing high RTP scoring games.


When trying to land a job, you should never give up, however, if you keep losing at slots, then you should walk away.





Landing A Job Vs Winning At Online Slots – Odds