Learn Physical Education.

The truth we seek is made of four major elements that are love, knowledge, power and beauty. These four attributes express themselves in our being. The psyche will be the vehicle of true and pure love, the mind that of infallible power and strength and body will be the expression of perfect beauty and perfect harmony.

If we deeply go through the mechanism of our body, we find that it is made of many organs and systems. To make every organ and system work effectively, we need a comprehensive package of education which must cover all the aspects of our existence to develop towards perfection. The basic elements namely the physical, the vital, the mental and the psychic are required to be kept in order all the time for leading a perfect life and to contribute the best to the welfare of the life on the earth.

We understand that these four parts of man are not only interrelated, but they are interwoven. It is not possible to separate them distinctly in their functioning. Each part has its own effect on the other and the education of each part will become a part of the whole education. But each part needs special branch.

Material form of education defines beauty. Wherever we turn, we see the Nature presenting to us a panorama of beauty. The glorious sunrise on the eastern horizon, the floating of white fleecy clouds in the clear blue sky, the rolling mass of waters in a turbulent river, the mighty mountains lifting their heads up in the sky, the lush green foliage in a thick forest are so many faces of beauty that you may not like to ignore even when you are busy somewhere else.

Why do we wish to go to Zoo or forest? We wish to witness the majestic approach of a lion, the dancing peacock, the swift running of a cheetah or a deer, the swinging body of a king cobra with its hood upraised are equally beautiful.

The human body too must express beauty – beauty in form and beauty in movement. A well-developed and proportionate body, with a bright face and eyes, healthy skin, an upright carriage, a cheerful disposition, radiating health, vigour and vitality is beauty personified. So also grace, rhythm, power and energy harmoniously expressing themselves in its movements are beauty in action.

All these may be considered as inherent qualities. But education and culture in an ideal environmental condition can do much for the maximum utilization of the potentialities. The body is the pedestal of our terrestrial existence, means of expression of our life, mind and soul. The body has to be taught to live as long as possible by maintaining its health, strength and energies.

To preserve the body and keep it strong and active, it is essential that apart from observing the normal rules of health hygiene, a sound programme of physical education including yoga and physical exercise must be adopted. We can get it tailor made through the experts according to our age, work and our requirements. We must undertake it under the supervision and/or consultation of the experts only. They can design to build our body beautiful in form, harmonious in posture, supple and agile in its movements, powerful in its activities and resistant in its health and organic functions.

A systematic physical education with suitable food, adequate rest and sleep, personal and environmental hygienic conditions, appropriate activities of self-expression, and inner quietude and calm goes to produce physical fitness with all its components of health, strength, endurance and skill. Physical skill means speed, agility, suppleness, a good neuromuscular coordination, spontaneous reflex, grace, harmony and those special capacities which can be acquired only by special exercising and activities.

For discipline and morale, a sound and strong character is important and can be acquired by a meaningful education to promote sportsmanship, leadership, obedience to leadership and spirit of fair play so necessary for a healthy and progressive life. Similarly, the vital, the life energy part of man is also important. It is the seat of impulses and desires, of enthusiasm and violence, of dynamic energy and desperate depression, of passion and revolt. It can set in motion everything, build up and realize, it can also destroy and mar every thing. That is why we need discipline and morale to keep a check over ourselves.

For the welfare of the life on the earth, we need to request the intelligent class to formulate such a branch of physical education which may cover all those elements which are not covered by our academic and other professional courses.

Be Happy – Learn Physical Education.