Leather Backpacks For The Adventurous Soul – A Traveler’s Guide

Leather Backpacks For The Adventurous Soul – A Traveler’s Guide : Travel is a lifelong passion for most people. It makes them travel the length and breadth of this planet. Everyone has a different taste in travel. Some like exploring metro cities, coastal towns, and small boroughs while others love visiting mountainous regions and hill stations. Bags are an important accessory for travel as they do the hard task of carrying your load while you explore around the globe. Leather backpacks are a much sought-after category among bags of different materials and nature for travel. They are durable, multi-storage, easy to carry, and provide some style to the busy traveler. Let`s find out about the experiences of different travelers.

The City Traveler

Different black leather and brown leather backpack I used to see online always amazed me growing up as a teenager, so I bought a vintage leather backpack in cognac brown shade from my first salary to accompany me while exploring different cities around the globe which is a passion I had since those same teenage years. It`s a 20-liter backpack with dual central compartments. While I keep my laptop in a dedicated laptop sleeve and docs in one chamber to catch up on work if need be, this compartment still has space for some clothes. I use the other compartments to store around a month`s stock of clothing, a pair of shoes, and sandals.

A mesh chamber is inside to keep toiletries, comb, and perfume. With an additional zipper pocket inside one compartment where I keep my passport, tickets, travel docs, air pods, etc., and a couple of buttoned loops to hang charger wires, keys, etc. there is a lot of dedicated storage convenience inside to manage different items you require while you travel.

This is just the inside, on the outside there is an additional wide zippered storage chamber where I stuff socks, undergarments, and whatever comes to mind in the end while packing up. I also get side pockets to keep a water bottle or juice to keep me hydrated as I explore city alleyways and other places in hot, humid temperatures. To sign off there`s a zipper pocket at the back and a luggage strap to tie the backpack as carry-on luggage with other larger bags during airport transfers etc.

Safe to say, I am truly amazed at the years of service this compact yet multi-storage leather backpack has given me all these years as I have roamed around towns in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Australia.

I love exploring cities and gaining first-hand experience of various cultures. This backpack has enabled me to explore with convenience having change over clothes, my digital gadgets, books, and other items at instant grab. To top it off, wherever I carry this travel pack, I always get my eyes rolling with quite a few people approaching me and appreciating my choice.

The Hiker & Camper

I love natural surroundings and that makes me regularly camp around the vast forest plantation and river that`s an hour`s drive from my house and hike on the famous hills at the other end of my town. There`s a plethora of different backpacks I bought and used for many years but none satisfied me until I arrived at my latest rock star leather seaman backpack duffle. It`s around 40 liters, providing me with ample space to fit in my small tent or hiking equipment, it`s got smart internal, and external pockets that fit a range of other small or instant-reach items I need to relax and rejuvenate on my wilderness trips.

The sturdiness of real leather is amazing while the feel on the hand is still really soft. The natural granular texture of cowhide leather doesn’t cease to amaze one bit. With rubber padded shoulder straps and a duffle handle, I move around with excess load divided between my shoulders efficiently. It`s been three years since I’ve been using this leather backpack and it still looks new. P.S. I use a leather conditioner to massage its pores every few months to keep the leather fresh. Happy with my purchase.

Family, Vacation Traveler

I got this lovely leather rolltop backpack as a gift on our 1st anniversary from my husband`s parents. It’s been serving us for the 15th year running and still looks marvelous. We have traveled with it from the beaches of Thailand to arid deserts in the Middle East and beyond. I must say, it`s a great one in all storage with 25-30 liters central chambers that also has a zippered small pocket inside to keep any valuables, and travel docs separately.

With amazingly comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps we find it quite convenient to wear it on our shoulders as we move around airports, hop on trains, or travel through buses between cities in a country. It`s a great luggage carry option with kids and a hubby as you visit a destination for a couple of months.

Benefits of Travelling with Leather Backpacks

Benefits of Travelling with Leather Backpacks
Benefits of Travelling with Leather Backpacks

These sturdy backpacks are a great travel carry option for the following reasons:

  • Durable Material, One-Time Purchase – Original leather is a highly durable material that does not depreciate or fall apart unless something highly dramatic happens to it. Full grain leather refers to the topmost surface of a leather skin that isn`t sanded or buffed for smoothness. It is the most durable part of a leather hide and bags made with full-grain leather are the sturdiest. However, please note that they also carry marks that an animal might have acquired during his lifetime roaming around in bushes, or else, they tend to appear with use on your backpack representing vintage aging. While many love these natural marks, some people look for more uniform backpacks. This is where top grain leather comes into play, which is the second sturdiest layer of leather and is achieved once full grain of leather is sanded or buffed. These two are the most durable grades of leather. Anything below these grades is not synonymous with the signature durability that the term `Leather` represents.An original leather backpack is going to be a one-time purchase for you that should serve you with distinction throughout your different travels in life.

    Word of caution – To symbolize the strength of their products, many producers use the term `Genuine leather` which is a technical term that denotes that some leather has been used in the production of a backpack but the product is not 100% leather while the term `Faux leather` is simply artificial leather that’s not original real leather.

  • Versatile Storage Options – Leather backpacks offer you storage compartments and slots for both long-term & short-term trips. The central storage compartments are normally used to keep clothes, changeovers, shoes, etc. but with dedicated laptop sleeves and additional internal, and external chambers, you also get smart pockets and loops to keep small items, phones, keys, travel documents, etc. separate from other things so that you don`t have to search things in a clutter at the last moment.
  • Bag For All Trips – Original leather has a distinct vibrancy that`s not found in other synthetic materials. Backpacks made with leather are therefore highly graceful and attractive packs to travel with. You can carry them on professional trips, vacation with them, hike with them, or visit family in another town, these backpacks provide you function, and fashion, and are easy to carry in one place.


Leather backpacks provide you peace of mind while you travel in more ways than one. They are an amazing organizing option for trips of varying natures. They are highly comfortable to carry and you have no fear that your backpack will fall apart or tear from anywhere during any stage of travel thanks to their sturdiness and strength. They are also a superlative add-on to your personality and style with their naturally vibrant texture and allure. Customize a leather backpack with your name personalization, embroidery, or image print to travel with some personalized style.









Leather Backpacks For The Adventurous Soul – A Traveler’s Guide

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