Let Her Flourish

In major terms, God appears to have classified its creatures into two sections – Males and Females (In-between, common gender can be termed as a result of some technical snags in procreating.). The male creatures had generally been granted more physical strength than their female counterparts whereas the female creatures have been bestowed upon with greater quantity of emotions, beauty and many other charming qualities. But in course of time technology has somewhat leveled the field and women today have more opportunities than ever before.

For thousands of years, we have been socially and culturally practising gender-based discrimination and it appears that certain jobs like house-keeping, cooking, looking-after the family members – particularly the youngsters etc. are necessarily part of the females. It is purely a social construction. Our functioning as a human being should not be determined by our gender.

Actually with the start of civilization, the first important question struck was relating to the survival and due to better physical strength, this role was undertaken by the masculine section for going and getting food, considered to be a hard task. But now, the circumstances have changed. You can just go into the supermarket and buy whatever you want. You don’t need to hunt every time like our forefathers did.

We can now relax our survival attitudes a little bit. Once we do that, we’ll find that what is naturally feminine reveals its true significance. Still some section of our society have their survival instinct; whether it is driving a car or keeping house, perhaps due to lack of education.

For some time again, we are witnessing that the most of the world is being ruled by money. When money is the only important thing, the male is tending to become the most dominant part of our social structure, whereas it has been scientifically proved that the female possesses more brain power, if that is cultivated in appropriate directions. For the feminine to really flourish, we need to create a society where there should be sufficient room for music, art, love care and compassion; not just money only. A home, a social structure, a nation, or humanity as a whole is not complete unless the feminine also finds full expression of the Godly qualities she has been bestowed upon.

Presently, if we look upon the women’s participation in economic activities, we find that their contribution does not match 50% according to the conventional evaluation methods. Generally, we do not value her major contribution to the family look-after and other activities. If you go through her activities closely, you will find that she looks after every thing around her. She looks after you, your guests, as spouse meeting your sexual needs, upbringing your offsprings, ensuring education of your children, timely arranging proper eatables and other essentials, meeting your social obligations, sometime helping out you in your financial burdens, and the best – she is your emotional supporters at the time of your distress. She works as family doctor to provide first aid in case some thing mishappens to the family members. If you are concerned about everything around you, you will naturally do your best; you will not hold back anything. That is a woman’s way of operating. That is the best way to operate in the world. They too are found to be ambitious but generally they take into account the social circumstances in account first, whereas the males do not do the same. After all, it is in pursuit of human wellness that all activity is done. But that has been forgotten because that is the way of the masculine that it just goes on in one way; it will not think about the surroundings.

We need to provide appropriate place for her in our social and cultural values and let her flourish by giving up the old conventions like confining her to kitchen work, a source of our sexual pleasure, nurse to our needs or being our unsolicited dependents. She is an important part of the society and must be treated at par, rather she is better half of the society. Moreover, we owe our origin to her and therefore, she deserves a respectful place as well. She is equally beloved by God and has been gifted with virtues to be nurtured further for ensuring everlasting happiness of the humankind.

Be Happy – Let Her Flourish for your own welfare, for your own health and for your own prosperity.