Liposuction: Who Is This Procedure For?

Liposuction: Who Is This Procedure For? Fat removal procedures are more popular than ever, and those operations have helped millions of patients improve their health. That being said, undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure should never be taken lightly, and there are a few factors to consider before you head to the surgical center. Here is a quick look at how this procedure is carried out and what type of patient will benefit from this operation.

Fat Removal Surgery

Undergoing liposuction in Newport Beach, CA is going to have a huge impact on your appearance, confidence, and overall health. To begin this operation, the surgical team is going to administer an anesthetic that puts you completely to sleep. If the procedure is going to be fairly quick, then your surgeon might suggest a local anesthetic and oral sedative. Once you are sedated, a small incision can be made near the pocket of fat that is going to be removed. They are then going to use a small rod called a cannula to manually break apart and remove the fatty tissue.

After all of the localized fat has been removed, the surgeon might need to make a few small adjustments to the nearby soft tissue to create a flat and well-balanced appearance. The final step in the process is suturing the incision closed so that a compression bandage can be placed over the treatment site. In most cases, patients can return home within a few hours of this operation, but you might have to stay overnight if extensive work was done.

Potential Treatment Sites

As you can see from the liposuction before and after photos, this procedure can be carried out on different areas of the body. In many cases, patients undergo fat removal procedures because they are tired of dealing with stubborn abdominal skin. That fatty tissue is incredibly difficult to get rid of on your own, and you could follow a strict diet for years without seeing any changes to your midsection. Some of the other popular treatment sites include the upper arms, neck, back, flanks, and legs.

The Ideal Candidate

This body contouring procedure can have a huge impact on your appearance, but you should establish healthy lifestyle habits well before you undergo this operation. In many cases, a surgeon will ask their patient to maintain a consistent weight for at least a few months before they consider this procedure. It is also important that you have realistic expectations regarding the results. While fat removal operations can produce eye-catching results, you must be prepared to follow healthy lifestyle habits if you want to maintain your appearance. You also need to be willing to follow all of your surgeon’s pre-op and post-op instructions. That typically includes sticking to a healthy diet, exercising, and avoiding tobacco products.

Maintaining the Results

The liposuction before and after photos will show you just how amazing this procedure can be, but you must be dedicated to turning your life around. Gaining weight is going to have a huge impact on the results and potentially cause some unwanted complications. If you aren’t sure what type of diet you should be following, then you might want to schedule a consultation with a registered dietitian. One of those individuals will be able to tell you exactly how much you should be eating and what your diet needs to consist of. Many patients also benefit from working with experienced trainers who can help them come up with effective workout routines.






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