Live with joy

You are intended by God to live your life here in great joy and for that, He gifted you great wisdom, enormous resources and energy abounding. Great wisdom is to you to enable you to exploit the resources judiciously and for that, you need energy which is available at your disposal for next millions of years – this is you how to harness that too in right direction.

We all come to this world to experience our own reality – to learn who we are by being what we thought would be best for us. Eventually, most of us reach a place where we are not so content with doing our lives in the old ways. Most people may never recognize this state when it happens. They may go on doing life as they always have until they die discontented. This is not the way life was intended to be lived here. But it is the way many people live their lives. Life is intended to be lived here. But it is the way many people live their lives. Life is intended to be lived here in great joy, with great wisdom, and with energy abounding. It must be lived positively with great adventures and inventions towards the welfare of the society, to leave behind your legacy so that the people may remember you for the reason that you had contributed to the society through your own entrepreneurship.

I know that for me there were many years in which I sensed that I wasn’t doing my life exactly as I needed. I was either in the wrong profession, living in the wrong place, or with the wrong people, or trying to convince myself that I was happy. It wasn’t working.

I knew in my heart that I didn’t have time to continue living that way, that if I did I would never be happy or fulfill my life’s purpose. I am continuing to fight for the cause. I have seen many people to be self centric – they count on their own efforts but forget others’ contribution to them. We are forgetting the sense of gratitude, our thankfulness to a person for the kind deeds he did for us.

We do not remember God, our parents, our elders and the environment in which we grew up with so many facilities available for us. We remember only shortcomings and live on negatively. This squeezes our interest. If you feel content with those facilities which you have but not the other one, you will say that you have reached a place where you feel relatively content with you life. To say so, you will have to see to the poorer than you. If you compare yourself with a person who is richer than you, you may loose your mental peace and perhaps your target too in due course of time. It would be a negative approach. You may fix up your target higher than the rich person – struggle for it honestly and when you achieve it, your pleasure would be manifold than that person has. If you learn to do these things to the best of your ability, then there is no more for you to do here ever.

After gaining the initial satisfaction, you would remain here to explore further what else you can do to discover the parts of your wisdom which have been dormant, waiting for the right moment to come forward. This is what’s meant by self-discovery – finding the parts which need to come forward and allowing them to express through you in whatever way seems most appropriate. For this you need relaxed mind, not the tense one.

Sometime, we may be following someone else’s mandates or beliefs, or we may be allowing our souls to remain blocked until we are ready to fully experience our truth. Do you see what I mean? Have you found you life blocked or unrewarding? Can you see new ways in which you may enjoy your life, if you gave yourself the chance? To enjoy: to bring more joy into your life. Ways in which you might express your true self? Ways in which you might give love to others? And receive love for yourself? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then I suggest you look deeper inside yourself and discover where your joy may lie dormant – perhaps in search of gathering more and more earthly possessions which may perish away in course of time.

Look until you find the things, which bring you, joy and then begin doing them. You may not find your truth entirely the next moment. It usually takes years for one to open fully to one’s self, after years of self-denial. But you can begin to discover the things, which have always brought you, joy and allow yourself to begin doing them. One must move into the light in baby steps until one is ready to run with it. But holding back from it entirely brings great pain. The pain you feel in your soul may be from holding yourself back from experiencing joy and love.

You must take account of yourself and find out what you have, what you have committed for and what your capacity is to meet those commitments. In case you feel lagging behind, you must surrender immediately instead of carrying on your mental tension to meet the short fall. Don’t commit in excess of your limits. That will be true joy to live on. Be true to yourself and your nears – you will be happier.

Be Happy – Live with Joy.